James Reid reacts to "How to be Nadine Lustre" write-up

James Reid to Preen writer: "None of the many things you mentioned in your Preen article made me fall for Nadine. It was everything you missed e.g. Personality."

James Reid calls out a writer of lifestyle website Preen for missing out an important feature that made him fall for girlfriend Nadine Lustre.

The viral article “How to be Nadine Lustre,” written by Jacqueline Arias for the sister website of Inquirer.net, basically related how Nadine supposedly fared in show business and how she made her constant onscreen partner fall for her.

The said article did not only irk JaDine fans, but James as well.

He immediately took to Twitter to point out to the writer what she missed in her feature article.


The On the Wings of Love actor also gave an advice to those who have read the said piece.

Meanwhile, it didn't take long before Preen issued its apology to James, Nadine, and its readers.

On its Twitter account, Preen posted this apology:

The article “How to be Nadine Lustre” has also been taken down from Preen website.



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