Wil Dasovich undergoes cancer staging

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Wil Dasovich remains positive that he will "get through" his battle with cancer. He expressed his thanks to all concerned netizens who had expressed their support and showered him with words of encouragement.

Wil Dasovich posted another vlog on his YouTube channel about his ongoing battle with cancer.

After making the announcement of his diagnosis on his channel last week, Wil began to document the next step which he called "the staging process."

In this video, Wil and his parents went to the University of California San Francisco Medical Center  to "figure out how developed [the cancer] is and what stage it is at."

The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate underwent a series of tests such as PET scan, CT scan, and MRI as part of this process.

After their hospital visit, Wil aired his thoughts over the last few days and spoke about his fears and his optimism in the video.

He remarked, "At this point, I would gladly take a serious case of stage three even though I know how serious that is. I mean, there is no guarantee of survival…

"All I want is a fighting chance.

"I'm very scared. I'm not gonna lie. All of this is very scary to me.

"I'm not ready for all of this. It all just happened like that, and all of the sudden, it's like, you know… sh*t's real, but I am positive."

Wil revealed that the cancer was "somewhere in [his] colon area."

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INSPIRATION TO FELLOW CANCER VICTIMS. Despite his fears, Wil was determined to document his battle and to turn his video posts into an inspirational message for his fellow cancer fighters.

Wil intoned, "No matter how terrified and how frightened I am of this whole experience, it's something I still have the courage to document because I believe that this is something I can get through.


"And if I do that, document it, I think it can be a very big inspiration to other people who are currently—not just cancer, I guess.

"Any ailment or something that's affecting you, whether it's physically or mentally...

"And just show you that you can overcome everything with a positive attitude, healthy lifestyle, and doing everything you can to prove it."

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OVERWHELMED. Wil also took this chance to thank those who had shown him support for the last couple of days.

He said, "I mean, it's something that's so simple—just pressing a button, hitting subscribe, and sharing a video.

"And it might not mean that much, but it means so much to me.

"These last couple of days, I literally just made it my job to respond to messages, look at messages…

"It just makes me really happy to see that.

"I am shocked, surprised, and overwhelmed that all the people that have reached out to me… I've been the happiest person…"

Wil celebrated his 26th birthday on August 26, a day before he released this video.





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