Cristine Reyes expresses anew her desire to veer away from sexy roles

Cristine Reyes (wearing pink bikini) is cast as a seductress in the sexy drama Trophy Wife, which also stars Heart Evangelista (seated).

Cristine Reyes wants to veer away from sexy roles after shooting the sexy drama Trophy Wife.

"Ito na ang pinaka-ultimate na movie ko na daring," said Cristine in a recent interview regarding the Andoy Ranay movie that is produced by Viva Films.

Cristine, who is seen in a sizzling bathtub scene in the uncut trailer of the movie, hopes this will be her last sexy role on the big screen.

"I guess nandun na ako sa punto na gusto ko na mag-iba ng path."

Cristine previously admitted that it felt awkward for her to shoot steamy love scenes with ex-boyfriend Derek Ramsay.

Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay

In this movie scheduled to open on July 30, Cristine is cast as Lani, the "trophy wife" of Sammy (portrayed by John Estrada).

Chino (played by Derek Ramsay) is cast as the younger brother of Sammy. Chino warns his brother about the evil intentions of Lani, who used to be his girlfriend.

It turns out that together with Gwen (Heart Evangelista), Lani has been plotting revenge on her ex-boyfriend for a year already.

Cristine reiterated her desire to give up her sexy image when she was interviewed during the July 17 episode of Aquino and Abunda Tonight.

Kris Aquino asked Cristine: Is it true that you no longer want to do sexy roles?

Cristine pointed out: "Gusto ko lang ma-lessen. Siguro mag-focus muna sa acting and drama.

"[I'm] not really looking forward to doing sexy stuff."

Will this be the last time she will accept a sexy role?

"I hope so," answered Cristine.

"Mag move on naman tayo sa next chapter of my career."

Kris commented that some people might think that Cristine is only saying this so that they will become curious about her daring scenes in the movie.

"Hindi ako ma-gimik na tao," stated Cristine who landed on the No. 5 slot of FHM Philippines' 100 Sexiest Women.

The 24-year-old actress is currently dating a non-showbiz guy whom she has known for two years already.

It will be recalled that in 2011, Cristine also made a similar declaration about veering away from sexy roles.

At that time when Cristine was working on the ABS-CBN teleserye Reputasyon, Cristine was quoted as saying in an interview with PUSH that she was getting tired of being cast in sexy roles.

“Sana [wholesome image]. Gusto ko rin naman ng iba. Nagsasawa na, e, ako sa sexy roles. Iwan na natin sa iba ‘yon. Gusto ko iba naman," said Cristine during her 2011 interview.

(L-R) John Estrada, Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay topbill the adult drama film Trophy Wife






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