Lovi Poe admits she was uncomfortable about supposed love scene with Derek Ramsay

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Lovi Poe admits she felt uncomfortable doing one specific sexual position with Derek Ramsay in one of their love scenes. "I was uncomfortable, to be honest. Hindi naman ako maarte and all to these things. If my director asks me something, of course, I get nervous but I eventually say okay."

Lovi Poe confirms that there was a sexual position that she was supposed to do with Derek Ramsay for their upcoming film The Escort.

She admitted during the October 20 bloggers' conference for the new movie that despite her willingness to do the said scene, she initially felt uncomfortable.

Lovi said, "Si Derek kasi, we’re talking about it na… Our director [Enzo Williams] was actually saying… I cannot tell you kasi meron siyang twist sa story na even when I read it I was really, really shocked.

"Kailangan, kasi in reality, iba naman ang imagination ng isang lalaki when it comes to sexual imagination, so that's one of the few things that we have to show sa film.

"So our director actually suggested a certain position.

"And then I was like, I was uncomfortable, to be honest. [Sabi ko], 'Derek, ano gagawin ba natin?'

"Kasi ako, I offer art, hindi naman ako maarte and all to these things. If my director asks me something, of course, I get nervous but I eventually say okay. Ganyan naman ako most of the time."

This was the time when Derek stepped up and told their director Enzo Williams that they should not do the scene.

Lovi continued, "But since I was thinking about it, si Derek na mismo yung nagsabi na huwag na so doon ko din na feel ko sa kanya yung pag-aalaga na gusto niya, because any guy would say let's just do it, pero he didn't."

In a separate interview, Derek thought that he honestly felt that it is inappropriate for them to do the said position.


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Lovi added that it is a delight for her to have Derek as her leading man, most especially since it is their first time to work together.

She pointed out, "He's a very nice guy, we actually got along very well and everything just came out naturally especially sa mga scenes na kailangan medyo sensitive, sexy.

"He really took care of me. Alam mo kasi pag yung isang tao, nagte-take advantage sa 'yo, ramdam mo yun."

When was asked to rate Derek as a kisser, she gushed, "Oo naman! Let's not kid ourselves, I'll give him a 10!"

SEEING HERSELF AS SEXY. The Escort, which will open in cinemas on November 2, serves as a comeback for Lovi in mainstream movies.

What made her accept the role of Yassi even though it requires her to do sensual scenes?

She answered, "First of all, working with Derek, Christopher [de Leon], and Albie [Casino], it's already a given. Aayaw pa ba ako?

"And aside from that, the story is amazing. When I read it [the script], may mga parts na nagugulat ako na may ganito pala."

While it is her first time to work with Derek, Lovi has already worked with her other co-stars Christopher de Leon and Albie Casino in past projects.

Christopher and Lovi worked together in the 2015 TV series Beautiful Strangers wherein Christopher's role raped the character portrayed by Lovi.

On the other hand, Lovi and Albie were co-stars in the 2011 movie Aswang, which was also produced by Regal Films.


In the past, she has also done several sexy films, including: Temptation Island (2011), My Neighbor's Wife (2011), and The Bride and The Lover (2013).

The 27-year-old actress is not afraid to be typecast in such roles, "Ako po for the sake of art, I do things. Anything that comes my way I'm interested in, whatever it is."

But then, she also admitted that she still feels shy everytime she watches herself do sensual scenes.

She revealed, "Honestly, napapasigaw ako. It's different kasi while were doing it and when you see it yourself.

"Nakakastress tuwing napapanood ko yung sarili ko and iniisip ko yung mom ko kapag nandoon na kami sa premiere night!

"Alam mo yung makikita ito ng maraming tao but I always think about it in such a way that I'm an artist.

"There are so many things that I'm willing to do, as long as it's done tastefully and thank you Direk because our scenes were really tastefully done so I think that's the most important thing, no matter kahit ano man yung ginawa ko, maganda naman siyang tignan."





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