Confirmed! Minzy will officially leave 2NE1; K-pop group to make comeback this summer

2NE1--now composed of (L-R) Sandara Park, Park Bom, and CL--is slated to make a comeback in the K-pop scene this summer 2016 without youngest member Minzy (rightmost).

It's official: Gong Minzy will leave 2NE1!

YG Entertainment (YGE), the group's agency, officially announced Minzy's departure from the K-pop group in a press statement released by this Tuesday, April 5.

The statement reads, "We are sorry to inform the many 2NE1 fans who've waited so long. We are making an official announcement that 2NE1's maknae Minzy will no longer be a part of 2NE1."

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Minzy expressed her intention to move forward from 2NE1 last January after a meeting with her agency.

YGE also clarified that the K-pop group will not disband. The remaining members Lee Chaerin (CL), Sandara Park, and Park Bom decided to renew their contract with the record label.

The agency said in its statement, "With the end of 2NE1's contract with YG coming up on May 5, 2016, we met with the 2NE1 members this past January to discuss their intentions about re-signing. However, Minzy expressed her intentions that were different from the group."

Furthermore, 2NE1 is also planning a comeback during summertime in South Korea which will be around June to August. YGE also said that they will not bring in a replacement for Minzy.

The entertainment label stated, "The remaining three members have re-signed, and they're preparing for a new song release for this summer as 2NE1. We are not looking for an additional member to replace Minzy."

None of the members released any statements regarding Minzy's decision.

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