How Tom Rodriguez-Carla Abellana starrer, My Destiny, fared in ratings game

My Destiny, starring (L-R) Rhian Ramos, Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez, ranked as the second most-watched show last June 30 according to AGB Nielsen data. Viewers got a first glimpse of Tom's character while he was in the shower.

After starring in the phenomenal hit My Husband's Lover, the tandem of Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez returns to GMA-7 (sans Dennis Trillo).

This time, Tom and Carla figure in a love triangle played by Rhian Ramos, whose character is Carla's younger sister diagnosed with leukemia.

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This primetime series aired for the first time last Monday, June 30.

The pilot episode of My Destiny begins with a typical church scene. A young boy rushes to help an elderly woman who is having difficulty walking.

The woman asks the boy to open his palm and she makes a prediction about him: when he reaches his 21st birthday, he will meet the girl who is destined to be his partner.

The woman even predicts that he will meet "The One" when he climbs up a tall building during sunset.

The focus then shifts to two sisters: the elder Grace and the younger Joy. As kids, they have a tradition of writing down their wishes, tying them to a balloon and releasing the balloon.

The girls' grandmother then makes a prediction about Grace: she will meet a guy who is destined for her and will love her for the rest of his life.

As for Joy, the grandmother declines to make a prediction but an animated drawing representing a withering plant is shown on the child's palm.

The grandmother later on reveals that Grace will meet her beloved during a wedding but they will face many challenges. She also predicted that in the future, Grace will be the savior of her younger sister.

The story then fast forwards to the time when the girls are all grown up with Grace being portrayed by Carla Abellana and Joy portrayed by Rhian Ramos.

The young women are preparing for the silver wedding celebration of their parents (portrayed by Lorna Tolentino and Al Tantay).

Tom Rodriguez is introduced as Lucas who is celebrating his 21st birthday with his girlfriend (played by Pauleen Luna).

Pauleen's character gives Lucas two choices: they can celebrate his birthday with both of them naked or he could go up the rooftop to see if the woman destined for him is up there.

Tom's character does go up the roof and he sees Carla standing inside a gazebo.

MEGA MANILA RATINGS. According to overnight ratings of AGB Nielsen among Mega Manila households, the pilot episode of My Destiny registered a rating of 22.7%.

The new soap opera ranked as the second most-watched show for the whole day. The only show that got a higher rating was GMA-7's primetime series NiƱo, which registered 23.3%.

The rival show of My Destiny, ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lamang, had a slightly lower rating of 21.8%.

NATIONWIDE RATINGS. The pilot telecast of My Destiny was able to enter the Top 10 most-watched programs nationwide when it landed on 7th place.

According to national TV ratings data from Kantar Media among urban and rural homes, My Destiny was able to register 15%.

Ikaw Lamang, starring Coco Martin, Jake Cuenca, Julia Montes, and Kim Chiu, emerged as the second most-watched show with its rating of 29.2%.


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