Sharon Cuneta says she will resume work in "a place where I am loved."

Sharon Cuneta gave a hint about the career path that she will take when she makes a showbiz comeback.

In her eulogy during the necrological service for her dearly departed mother Elaine Gamboa-Cuneta, Sharon admitted that she was feeling down for the past few months.

"Nagbago po talaga ako. June pa po ako ganyan.

"Sumaya na lang ako nung nag-reunion kaming magpi-pinsan."

Her voice broke as she continued:

"Kasi gusto ko this Christmas, magkakasama tayo kasama si Mommy pero hindi naman siya umabot.

"Ang birthday pa naman niya ay New Year's Eve. Si Mommy ayaw niya na hindi ako nakaayos so the first day of her surgery, nag-effort ako. Sabi ko, 'Mommy, I put makeup on for you. Please don't leave us.'"

The grieving actress disclosed, "The difference between the time when my daddy died and I was on the top of the world...

"And when my mommy died, I felt like I had already lost everything and then she was taken away from me."

RETURNING TO WORK. Last August 29, Sharon announced through her social media accounts that she is no longer with TV5 even though her contract is supposed to end by late 2016.

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During the eulogy, Sharon paused temporarily as she made a revelation about her career.

"Now I have no strength.

"There is something that happened that should have ended this year beautifully kasi it was such good news and I was so happy to have been done with one thing at work."

She tearfully said, "I am going to a place where I am loved.

"I wasn't able to explain to her that I'm going to work again.

"[I wasn't able to tell her], 'Mommy, I lost 40 pounds."

ON BEING VAIN. The Megastar also recalled the times when her Mommy Elaine would constantly remind her to be more conscious about her looks.

Sharon and her husband, Kiko Pangilinan, both observed that KC Concepcion had picked up Mommy Elaine's penchant for dressing up.

"Kami ni Kiko [sinasabi namin], 'tingnan mo yung mag-lola talaga 'isputing' kasi postura lagi.

"Mom would tell me, 'huwag ka ngang lalabas ng bahay na [walang makeup]. Artista ka, huwag kang lalabas nang wala kang kolorete, meaning lipstick.

"Ako naman, lalabas na basa ang buhok, magbibihis, T-shirt at maong. Wala akong pakialam.

"Kasi vain siya, ako hindi."

Sharon adds that she regrets not heeding her mother's advice.

"Ngayon, nagsisisi ako kasi kung vain ako, e, di forever akong sexy, hindi ako tumaba."

Her declaration elicited chuckles from the crowd.

It will be recalled that last August, the Megastar posted an open letter on Facebook wherein she admitted that she hated herself for the way that she looked.

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The Megastar then addressed her late mother:

"Papayat na ulit ako, namatay ka mommy hindi mo man lang nasilayan."

She also recalled that her mother, in her own way, tried to motivate her to lose weight.

"Pupunta siya sa bahay at sasabihin niya, ano ba magbawas ka na [ng weight], nahu-hurt ako."

In the end, Sharon expressed her love for her mother and asked everyone to remember Mommy Elaine for her big heart.






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