PEP EXCLUSIVE: Twitter executive says no slowdown in Aldub tweets

Rishi Jaitly, Twitter's Vice President for Media, Asia Pacific and Middle East, says about the high volume of Aldub tweets: "These are extraordinary numbers for conversations about culture and about one piece of content."

It has been reported that there is a decline in the TV ratings of Eat Bulaga, based on data from AGB Nielsen (Mega Manila ratings) and Kantar Media (nationwide ratings) during the early part of 2016.

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However, when it comes to Twitter posts about AlDub (the love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza), there has been no such slowdown, an executive of Twitter told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an exclusive interview yesterday, Ferbuary 18.

During the launch of #TwitterCityPH held at the Mind Museum in Taguig, Rishi Jaitly, Twitter's Vice President for Media, Asia Pacific and Middle East, observed, "We're seeing million of tweets every day.

"It ebbs and flows when the show invests in a big moment. The tweet volume about AlDub is correlated with how the producers of the show invest on the show of Twitter.

"There's no slowdown at all."

He also pointed out, "Last weekend, you saw the Valentine's Day integration or call to action that resulted in 4.1 million tweets. There's no slowdown."

He was referring to the first official Twitter auto-reply integration with a TV show in the Philippines.

From February 12 to 14, Twitter users who tweeted @EatBulaga using #ALDUBisLove, #ALDUBValentinesDate and #ALDUBHappyValentines hashtags received a special Valentine’s message with pictures and signatures of Alden and Maine.

This corresponded with AlDub's first Valentine’s date in Tagaytay last Saturday, February 13.

"Ideas are co-created as part of our partnership [with Eat Bulaga]. I remember a member of our team here who spent time with them on that and we're really proud of how well that worked."

In the future, will there be more projects like that?

"Yeah! That's the magic of Twitter. Good ideas can come from anywhere. It can come from a user, a producer or from a talent or it can come from an employee.

"If you have ideas about ways in which this show or another show or anyone in the Philippines can use Twitter in a creative way, we're a canvas and it's a mobile communications invention. We're looking forward to additional examples of that one."

During his speech, Rishi emphasized that significance of the AlDub phenomenon.

"The story of AlDub is the story of Twitter in the Phippines.

"And we are delighted to be partnering with them even more.

"Last weekend, there was a big Valentine's Day integration where you could tweet to the show, to the talents involved, with Alden and Maine, and receive back personalized Valentine's Day messages.

"The thing about these numbers is that you get used to them in the Philippines. You think we see them in every other country but we don't.

"These are extraordinary numbers for conversations about culture and about one piece of content. Extraordinary."

Rishi recalled that even executives abroad also want to follow the footsteps of Filipinos in getting such high numbers of engagement.

"I was just in the Middle East, in Dubai, and I was telling them about the story of Twitter in the Philippines and people said, we need to do that."



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