6 actresses we'd love to see as Alden Richards' leading lady in My Love From The Star

Who among Rhian Ramos, Marian Rivera, Sandara Park, Maine Mendoza, Jennylyn Mercado, and Carla Abellana would you like to play as Steffie Cheon in the GMA-7's version of My Love From The Star? Or do you have another actress in mind?

Film and TV director Joyce Bernal has already confirmed Alden Richards will play the lead role in GMA-7's remake of the hit Koreanovela titled My Love From The Star.

We previously listed down several reasons why Alden is perfect as Matteo Do in the upcoming Kapuso remake:
However, the Kapuso network has yet to formally announce Alden's leading lady in the Philippine adaptation of the show.

In the original series, South Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun played the lead as Steffie Cheon, a Hallyu superstar who fell in love with her stoic, cold neighbor named Matteo (originally played by Kim Soo-hyun) who happens to be an alien trapped on Earth.
Steffie acted like a diva with an attitude problem and was sometimes put down by her showbiz colleagues. However, viewers will eventually discover her quirky, enthusiastic attitude to those dear to her as the show progressed.
We have listed down potential actreses we'd love to see as Steffie in the Kapuso remake (in no particular order):

1. Jennylyn Mercado. The Kapuso network's Romantic Comedy Queen is one of the top picks of some netizens on actresses to play Steffie in the Kapuso remake.

Jennylyn fits the character brief of the original Korean drama series very well, from her age to career status. With this in mind, we're pretty sure she can easily portray the character in the upcoming remake. The 28-year-old actress has also proved her skill set for doing romantic-comedy projects. Jennylyn has starred is several box-office rom-com hits in the past few years including English Only, Please (2014) and The Pre-nup (2015). Rumors has it that Jennylyn has already bagged the role!


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2. Marian Rivera. Marian and Alden's tandem proved to be successful when they were paired in the Kapuso primetime show Carmela (2013).

Just like Jennylyn, Marian also fits the character background of the female lead in the series. Acting-wise, Marian already proved her versatility through numerous TV and movie projects so portraying the role of Steffie in the Kapuso remake will definitely be natural for her.

Marian is mostly commended for her serious drama roles for TV but the Kapuso network's Primetime Queen has also received positive feedback for her performance on TV and movie projects of lighter genres. Remember her quirky character Courtney in Desperadas (2008)? How about Marian's portrayal of the fierce lady executive named Evelyn in My Lady Boss (2013)?


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3. Maine Mendoza.
Maine is fairly new to the biz but the director of MLFTS Kapuso remake, Joyce Bernal, already expressed her desire to work with Eat Bulaga's phenomenal star and cast her as the main lead.

Maine may be a little too young for the role but she can easily portray the blunt and enthusiastic character of Steffie. After all, Steffie's character is not that complex. The 21-year-old actress-TV host did fairly well on her first first few acting projects including My Bebe Love (2015) and Eat Bulaga's Holy Week Special. Her phenomenal tandem with Alden would also be beneficial for the series.

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4. Sandara Park.
If we want a legit Korean star to play the part, 2NE1's Sandara Park is the perfect actress for the part. Sandara, or Dara to most of her fans, is just as fun and enthusiastic as Steffie Cheon.


In 2005, the Star Circle Quest alumna was rumored to transfer to the Kapuso network in 2006 when she returned to the Philippines after a 6-month hiatus to train as an idol under YG Entertainment in South Korea. She appeared as a guest celebrity on GMA-7's comedy show Nuts Entertainment. Dara was also a cast member of the MMFF 2006 entry Super Noypi with Jennylyn Mercado and Katrina Halili. Her comeback didn't do well in the country which led her to focus on her activities in South Korea on August 2007.

In an interview, the K-pop idol has already mentioned that she's open to working for a TV or movie project in the Philippines. Dara said, "Lagi kong gustong bumalik sa Pilipinas and then gumawa ng movie or kahit ano man. Pero yun nga, I was busy, so hindi ako makabalik. So, pag may chance, I would love to."

Puwede mangarap, right?

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5. Rhian Ramos.
Rhian is no stranger when it comes to portraying characters in romantic-comedy projects.

The 25-year-old actress has already done several projects in this genre including GMA Films' I.T.A.L.Y. (2008) and My Valentine Girls (2011). Her role as Isabel Reyes in My Kontrabida Girl (2012) is actually reminiscent of Steffie's character in My Love From The Star. Rhian also proved her acting abilities in Kapuso remakes including LaLola (2008) and Stairway to Heaven (2009).

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6. Carla Abellana.
Carla has already found her niche through romantic comedy projects. The Kapuso actress is comfortable doing rom-com as seen in the movies So It's You (2014), Somebody To Love (2014), and No Boyfriend Since Birth (2015).

Carla's portrayal as Andrea Marquez in the romatic-comedy series Because Of You proves her capability to portray Steffie's character in My Love From The Star.

Like Jennylyn and Marian, Carla also fits the character's background. In an interview with GMA Network, the 29-year-old actress said she doesn't mind doing another project with the same theme. “Siyempre, ang gaan gawin compared to drama [dahil] mas enjoy [at] mas relaxed. At least, hindi lang sa drama, may exposure din sa rom-com.”

An Alden-Carla tandem is also something fresh for Kapuso viewers who want something new for the TV network's primetime slot.


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PEPsters, who among these actresses would you love to see as Steffie Cheon in GMA-7's version of My Love From The Star? or do you have another actress in mind?

Share your answers in the comments section below!

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