LOOK: Encantadia 2016 Sang'gres in their warrior costumes

(L-R) Gabbi Garcia as Alena, Glaiza de Castro as Pirena, Kylie Padilla as Amihan, and Sanya Lopez as Danaya in the upcoming 'requel' of the Kapuso epic telefantasya Encantadia.

In just a few weeks, GMA-7 will officially reveal the airing date of the highly anticipated reboot of Encantadia this July.

Before that, the Kapuso network shared more teasers about this upcoming epic telefantasya.

Kapuso actresses Glaiza de Castro, Kylie Padilla, Gabbi Garcia, and Sanya Lopez will reprise the four lead characters: Sang'gre Pirena, Sang'gre Amihan, Sang'gre Alena, and Sang'gre Danaya. The announcement was made last June 4 along with the new design concepts for the their warrior costumes.

Ayan kumpleto na ang mga Sang'gre. #Encantadia2016 #telefantasya #kapuso

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The new Sang'gres officially debuted their royal gowns designed by Francis Libiran at the 15th ToyConPh x Pop Life Fan Experience at the SMX Convention Center last June 11.

Earlier today, June 20, the Kapuso network revealed a new set of teaser photos featuring the much-awaited warrior costumes of new Sang'gres Pirena, Alena, Amihan, and Danaya.

LOOK: Encantadia 2016 Sang'gres wear royal gowns designed by Francis Libiran

In a previous post on Encantadia's Instagram account, Noel shared a few details about the new warrior costumes starting with Pirena.


He wrote, "This is one of 7 iterations of the character's look. It follows the silhouette of the old design but carries the new texture that is identifiable to the new Lireo culture. By the way, #Pirena's weapons have names. The long sword is called "BAGA". The Short sword is called "SIKLAB". There is more to these swords than you might think."

"Damhin ang pagsiklab ng aking kapangyarihan." - Pirena #Encantadia2016 #EncantadiaWarriorCostumes

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Noel also revealed that the Sang'gres will have different armor designs that will improve as the series progresses.
Amihan's new costume is inspired by her previous warrior costume. He wrote, "This is a nod to #Amihan's 2005 look. One of Eight iterations of the diwata. Yeah. You read it right. Amihan and the other sisters will have different armor designs as the TV series progress."

"Para sa Lireo, ibubuwis ko ang aking buhay." - Amihan #Encantadia2016 #EncantadiaWarriorCostumes

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Alena will have four different costumes and a new weapon called "Pilum." Noel wrote on Instagram: "This is one of four armor designs that will bae used through out the series. And #Alena has a new weapon - A Pilum named, AGOS."


"Sa aking mga kamay, dadaloy ang kapayapaan." - Alena #Encantadia2016 #EncantadiaWarriorCostumes

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Last but not the least, Danaya will also get eight "character level ups" in the series. Noel said, "#Danaya. The odd one of the four sister. She carries a different texture. This is one of Eight of Danaya's character level-ups."

"Sa nalalapit na digmaan, muling sisibol ang katapangan." - Danaya #Encantadia2016 #EncantadiaWarriorCostumes

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DESIGN CONCEPTS. Noel said in an interview at NexCon 3 last April 3, that he has been working with the new design concepts with Direk Mark Reyes since 2009, the first time the Kapuso network announced a plan to reboot the epic fantaserye.

Noel also revealed that the new designs were taken from a gamer's point of view.

He revealed, "When we designed Encantadia, we thought of the millenial factor—the 'Gamer' factor—kasi all of you, the millenials from Gen Y to Gen Z, we're into those video games and right now, mobile games. So yun ang kino-consider namin.

"We know you're familiar with Diablo and how we love the inventory system, weapons, and how we work as teams in MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), and how we all try to master our skills... yung mga skill sets ng characters natin."


He further explained, "And eventually, we really have to work inside the team. We really have to learn to become team players which is what once of the core values of Encantadia.

"Sa umpisa, makikita niyo si Pirena as an individual, Amihan as an individual, Alena as an individual, Danaya as an individual. All of them trying to sharpen their skills as individuals and in them they really have to work together to battle the real evil."

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