Why did DJ Chacha voluntarily exit PBB Lucky Season 7?

DJ Chacha felt the other housemates were more deserving to stay in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7: "Ako, I'm giving my spot, especially to Jinri [Park]."

On Day 11 of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7, DJ Chacha opted to voluntarily exit from ABS-CBN's reality show held in Vietnam.

Through this decision, she was able to save Yassi Pressman, Hideo Muraoka, Jinri Park, and JK Labajo—the four housemates who were nominated for eviction this week.

Last Saturday, July 23, a day before the eviction night, Yassi was seen performing at the awards night of PhilPop 2016 held at the KIA Theater.

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During the July 24 episode of PBB Lucky Season 7, Big Brother revealed that after the Ligtask challenge, one of the 9 celebrity housemates approached him about leaving the closely monitored house.

“Ako, I’m giving my spot, especially to Jinri,” said the radio host.

However, when pressed by Big Brother regarding her reason for leaving, tears welled up in her eyes as she admitted, “Kuya, nami-miss ko po ang anak ko.

“Iniisip ko rin po ang trabaho ko outside kasi ako po ang nagpapalaki mag-isa sa bata so I can’t really lose my job.

“Ang hirap, Kuya, e. Habang patagal nang patagal dito, nami-miss ko talaga ang anak ko.”

When it was her turn to explain her decision, DJ Chacha told the other housemates, “Mas deserving kayo mag-stay dito sa PBB kasi I really wanted the experience lang. I don’t want the prize.

“Bonus pa na nagkakaroon ka ng friends.”

She then turned to Jinri and told her, “You deserve to be here. I’m really worried about you.”

The K-Hot Cover Girl ng South Korea kept crying while DJ Chacha consoled her. “You don’t have to feel bad because that’s my decision.”

DJ Chacha bid farewell and told them about her daughter Sabb, “I really miss my kid.”

JK Labajo was also in tears as he told her, “Nakakainis ka.”

The Bibig Pag-ibig ng Tondo said upon her exit, “Happy ako. Gusto ko na talaga makita ang baby ko.”






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