How did MTRCB react to love scenes of The Better Half? Shaina and Denise give their comments

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ABS-CBN business unit head Ginny Monteagudo-Ocampo says that the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board was able to preview the provocative scenes in The Better Half. Shaina Magdayao, JC de Vera (left frame) Denise Laurel, and Carlo Aquino (right frame) did several intimate, sensitive scenes in the ABS-CBN afternoon series.

Shaina Magdayao and Denise Laurel have provocative roles in ABS-CBN's new drama series The Better Half, which aired its pilot episode today, February 13.

It was seen in the teaser that Shaina and Denise shot intimate scenes with their two leading men: JC de Vera and Carlo Aquino.

Shaina even had love scenes with both JC and Carlo.

Doing sexy scenes isn't new to these two actresses since they have topbilled sensual afternoon shows in the past, including installments from the afternoon umbrella series Precious Hearts Romances.

Last January, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) appointed Mocha Uson as one of its new board members.

The sexy star-turned-blogger said that one of her advocacies is to prohibit the airing of "soft porn" on television.

Since they are expected to be sexier in the TV show, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Shaina and Denise about this during the show's February 9 presscon.


Denise said, "Well, I've been working with ABS-CBN for a very, very long time and I've been doing a lot of these sensual, very suggestive, and risky scenes throughout some of the shows that I've done.

"And ABS always takes care of their artists, and they're very aware of the guidelines that MTRCB gives so they really pass it to the board and it's clean before it's released.

"At the same time, pag shino-shoot namin, we really have in mind the rules and if the actors are comfortable.

"We’re very careful, they make you feel very secure sa set so we really know coming into it na safe kami and the production and the staff will always be there for us and the directors won't make us cheap."


At this point, business unit head Ginny Monteagudo-Ocampo revealed that she personally goes to the set when shooting these scenes, mainly because it's the first time their unit will be exploring this genre.

She narrated, "Tama yung sinabi ni Denise, even when we shoot, during shoot, maingat na maingat kami.

"Actually, sa unit namin, this is the first time we are doing something like this. So pag nasa shoot kami, talagang ingat na ingat kami talaga dahil naninibago kami that we shoot sexy scenes from Be Careful With My Heart (2012) na very wholesome tapos ngayon sexy."


Aside from Be Careful With My Heart, Miss Ginny's team also helmed the light-themed shows Pure Love (2014), Dream Dad (2014), Oh My G! (2015), Ningning (2015), and We Will Survive (2016).

The business unit head made sure that the MTRCB previewed their sensual scenes.

In fact, the pilot episode of The Better Half has been given an SPG rating or Super Parental Guidance.

She continued, "So sa shoot pa lang, maingat na and if we see or we think that there are scenes that are quite sensitive, minsan, pinapareview namin sa MTRCB even before it's aired.

"Just a while ago, napreview na ng MTRCB yung pilot namin and SPG siya. Pumasa naman pero at least, walang ika-cut or anything kasi medyo sensual yung first day namin, e."


Shaina added, "With Miss Ginny's guidance dun sa set namin because she personally goes on the set and this is directed by Jeffrey Jeturian tapos inilawan pa ni Sir Neil Daza, it is tastefully done.

"That's what I can say dahil ako mismo yung nandun sa mga eksena na yun."


Directed by Jeffrey Jeturian, The Better Half aired its pilot episode earlier today, February 13.

AFTERNOON VIEWING. Denise and Shaina have done several shows in the afternoon slot of ABS-CBN, even before it was dubbed as Kapamilya Gold.

This is why they both witnessed the changing trends among audiences in the afternoon block.

Shaina has been doing afternoon shows since she was a child star. She has been part of Marinella (1999), Kambal sa Uma (2009), Precious Hearts Romances presents Alyna (2010), and Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo (2012).

However, she admitted that The Better Half's genre is something exciting yet risky for the afternoon slot.

She pointed out, "Nagbabago nga yung trend, parang napunta ako dun sa pa-sexy nung nauso yung mga Precious Hearts.

"But I'd like to think that this is the first time na may ganito silang makikita sa panghapon na slot at may suspense, may thriller, may romance. Tipong sa amin na parte ng show, bago siya.


"That's why it's exciting but also scary at the same time dahil risky siya. Tignan natin kung paano tatanggapin ng mga manunuod.

"But we're very happy na na-appreciate ng mga nakapanuod ng trailer namin.

"So nagbabago yung pagtanggap at mas nagiging liberated and open ang ating audience ngayon and of course, we like that as actors na na-appreciate na nila.

"Kasi it's a form of expression, napakasarap kapag naiintindihan nila at tinatanggap na ng mga manunuod, ibig sabihin more venues for us to explore as artists."

Denise, who has done the afternoon shows Precious Hearts Romances presents Bud Brothers, Midnight Phantom, Pintada, Paraiso, and Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita, has high hopes for The Better Half.

Denise observed, "It's been a while na panghapon yung ginagawa ko, and we love it, trends are always changing.

"Kami ni Shaina, nagawa namin yung mga Precious Hearts and then last year I worked with Miss Vina [Morales] in Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita, that was wonderful as well.


"Talagang every year, ABS always ups their game, they don't do the same thing twice.

"So hopefully, with this show. I feel like at the risk of sounding presumptuous or mayabang, sana maging trendsetter ang show na ito.

"The audience is more receptive and open to all sorts of things so I hope that this show would be a window or a door to opening more adventurous shows. We're glad to be the first to do this."

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