5 things to know about Donny Pangilinan, the new MYX VJ

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Maricel Laxa and Anthony Pangilinan's son Donny Pangilinan (in photo) isn't just a handsome face. Here are five interesting facts we learned about Donny during the Rated K episode aired on February 19, 2017.

Donny Pangilinan first captured the hearts of televiewers when he appeared as a guest in Magandang Buhay in 2016, along with his mother Maricel Laxa.

Even before his exposure on TV, PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) already included him in this list: 25 celebrity kids who are so darn good-looking but are not in showbiz.

Months after his guesting on ABS-CBN's morning talk show, it seems like Donny is enjoying his time in the limelight.

After appearing in TV shows such as ASAP, he is now enjoying his stint as a VJ in the Kapamilya network's music channel MYX Philippines.

In Donny's February 19 guest appearance in Rated K, he proved that there is more to him than his handsome looks.

Here are five more things that we learned about this Star Magic cutie.

1. Donny's parents did not expect him to enter show business.

In fact, according to his dad Anthony Pangilinan, Donny was "diagnosed as a slow to warm up, shy child."

Anthony admitted during the interview, "Last in our minds na si Donny ang papasok.

"Nadiagnose yan as slow to warm up, shy child kaya surprised kami noong sinabi niyang gusto niyang pumasok kasi normally mapapansin mo yun pag bata.

According to www.zerotothree.org, children who are "slow to warm up" are those who are uneasy in new situations with unfamiliar people.

As of this time, it seemed like Donny has already overcome this.

Anthony continued, "But for Donny, no. Yun pala, matagal na niyang iniisip tapos tumiming lang."

2. He is musically-inclined.

Aside from being a MYX VJ, Donny is really into music.

During the interview, the 19-year-old aspiring actor showed his skills in playing the piano.

The young boy also likes exploring new things.

3. He is the sporty type.

In fact, he spent his whole high school life in Brent International School Manila as a varsity player.


He quipped, "I'm in basketball. I got the coach's award, so nakakapagod po yung high school ko kasi ang dami kong ginagawa!"

Aside from that, he also joins triathlons along with his family.

4. Donny hesitated telling anyone about his plans of joining showbiz.

Donny has actually thought of joining show business when he was younger.

"Being in showbiz is something I always thought of, pero I was just too shy to say it."

Why? "Ang isip ko matatawa lang sila sa akin. I saved it when you know, I got old."

5. Donny wants to be a role model someday.

The young star wants to be someone his fans can look up to.

At the end of the interview, the Star Magic artist said that he wants to inspire people by the things that he does in life.

"The way I live my life, the way people see me, I just want to be seen as someone different and someone they can look up to."

The social media heartthrob drove his fans crazy for his Rated K appearance.

Netizens took to Twitter to express their support and the hashtag #DonnyOnRatedK trended on the microblogging site.

Here are some funny and cute reactions from netizens and his fans:

Donny even replied to some fans who watched his interview.

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