John Lloyd & Bea in the US


John Lloyd and Bea, tired from the constant journeying, slept through the road trip from the Seattle airport to their destinations in the city.

The John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo fans from the United States can’t seem to get enough of this ABS-CBN love team. In December, for the second time last year, the fans invited the two stars to do a series of shows on the U.S. mainland.

This time around, Lloydie and Bea visited four key cities—San Francisco and San Diego in California, Seattle and Spokane in Washington state.

Lloydie and Bea left Manila on December 7 with their respective groups. Bea stayed in the U.S. only until December 19. Lloydie and his parents, Aida and Luisito Cruz, stayed on until January 2.


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