Family matters: Matet and Michaela


How time flies! In the '90s, Matet was merely a child, the very cute child of Superstar Nora Aunor. Now, she already has Michaela, her first-born with cager Mickey Estrada.

Remember how the four-year-old Matet de Leon looked like in the early ’90s, at about the time she uttered her immortal line “Takot ako, e” in the horror film Halimaw sa Banga? Well, her two-year-old daughter Michaela—whose full name is Ma. Michaela Alexinne Villamayor Estrada—is her exact replica in looks and charisma today.

Michaela is the first-born of Matet and Mickey Estrada. A younger brother was born premature and died soon after birth, but Michaela’s presence helps her young mom and dad cope with the tragic loss.


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