Katrina pissed off by lesbian issue


Katrina Halili is set to star in Gigil under Regal Films.

Katrina Halili, star of Regal Entertainment's latest sex comedy Gigil, was not too thrilled by the issues that showbiz reporters were throwing her way during the press conference of Gigil at Imperial Palace last Sunday, Oct. 22.

One in particular that pissed her off was "the lesbian issue."

During the media huddle, Katrina was asked about the controversial "lesbian kiss" that she did with Sandara Park on the set of Super Noypi, another Regal film.

At the time the question was asked, Katrina and her co-stars were seated at the presidential table with Gigil director Jun Lana and writer Dode Cruz. Katrina was game, and answered: "Hindi po totoo ‘yon. Katuwaan lang po ‘yon. May nag-utos lang po sa akin na halikan ko si Sandara."

Then a group of writers interviewed her, and the lesbian tag came up again. Tabloid writer Vinia Vivar told Katrina that she saw the video where the sexy star was kissing Sandara in the lips. Apparently, a video was taken of Super Noypi's fun moments on the set.

By now, Katrina was no longer game, and retorted: "Ano po ang gusto ninyong isagot ko, na lesbian ako? Eh, di sige po, tomboy ako!"

Irked by the retort, the tabloid writer then walked out of the press conference and cooled her heels outside the glass entrance of Imperial Palace, the venue of the presscon.

Katrina, for her part, ended up in tears.

With the press conference ended, Katrina went to where Vinia was standing and apologized. The writer accepted the young star's apology.

The lesbian issue was not the only one that bugged Katrina during the press conference for Gigil. She was also asked to comment on a report that she fondled Paolo Contis, her co-star in GMA-7's Atlantika. The report said that the actress touched Paolo by moving her hand from his chest all the way down to between his legs.

Katrina was disgusted by the report, and she showed it.

"Never ko namang hinipuan si Paolo," she said. "Ito lang po ang masasabi ko sa nagsulat niyan, siguro ang tindi-tindi ng galit niya sa akin. Naniniwala ako sa karma. Sana magbago na siya."

The final issue that Katrina, FHM's Top 2 in the Sexiest Women in the World poll, had to confront was how she was very demanding on the set of Gigil. She was supposed to have rented a room for herself while shooting the sex comedy in Boracay.

According to the rumor, Katrina found the room assigned to her, Say Alonzo, and Bianca King too cramped, and went off to rent her own room.

"Hindi po totoo ‘yan," she said, nearly exasperated. "Ganito po ang nangyari... May ibinigay na room na lahat ng girls magkakasama. Sobrang puno na po sila doon, tapos kasama ko ang handler ko at isang friend ko. Sabi ni Bianca, doon na lang daw siya sa floor. Sabi ko, aalis na lang po ako. Sumama ako sa mga staff. Di ako nag-rent, bakit ako magre-rent?"

There was no need to rent another room, says Katrina, because she managed to stay inside the room roughly only two hours. The busy girl just had too many scenes to shoot.



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