Ryan Agoncillo named 'Outstanding TV host'


Filipinos abroad recognize Ryan's hosting skills by naming him the first recipient of this award.

With his eight years of experience as a host, it is not surprising to learn that Ryan Agoncillo has been named as "Outstanding TV Host" by an international award-giving body. It is more surprising to learn that he himself learned about the good news only through the broadsheets.

In an exclusive interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) last November 8 at Café Carabana at Quezon City, Ryan candidly says: "To be honest, hindi ko alam kung paano mag-re-react because every time somebody gives you something as important as this...basta recognition, the first thought that comes to mind is I wish that I'm worth the award."

He continues: "When they said pa na ako [ang first ever recipient of this award], there's added pride to it. The award being in the [United] States, it means [that] even abroad, even Filipinos who don't see you everyday recognize your work and it's very flattering."

During the Cookie Jam fundraising event spearheaded by his girlfriend Judy Ann Santos, the grateful Ryan expressed his regrets for being unable to receive the Gawad Amerika award in person. "I was supposed to [go there to receive the award] but sadly I have work here that won't allow me to leave even for just a week," explains the host of ABS-CBN's Magandang Umaga, Pilipinas; Studio 23's Y Speak Live; and ABC-5's Philippine Idol.

Gawad Amerika is an independent award-giving body based in the United States that recognizes the achievements of Filipino-American individuals in the field of acting, singing, professional careers, and businesses.

Now celebrating its 4th year, the group's Gawad Night will be held on November 18 at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, California.



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