Dawn Zulueta: New Dawn Rising


The lace design on Dawn's gown was a repeated motif on the three-tiered wedding cake.

The talented and beautiful actress Dawn Zulueta met millionaire businessman Antonio Ernesto Floirendo Lagdameo Jr. in 1996. At that time she was beginning to experience burnout. She had been working for most of her life, starting at the tender age of 17 and becoming the family breadwinner after her parents separated. She had also been in showbiz for 11 years. The meeting with Anton ended up at the altar on December 27, 1997, with Manhattan's elegant and stately Church of the Blessed Sacrament as the perfect setting for a very private family affair.

In the May issue of YES! magazine, Dawn revealed how she has found her Mr. Right, "After all those tumultuous relationships I had in the past that were so sensationalized on TV and everything, umabot ako sa point na I got down on my knees, 'tapos, I prayed."

Her prayer went more or less like this:

"God, I'm tired na of the trial and error. Ganito na lang ba talaga buhay ko?I'm just gonna date and then I'll fall in love, and then it won't work out. And then I'll date again, and then I'll fall in love, and then it won't work out. Is it just like this? Is this the meaning of my life? I don't wanna keep going on like this, like there's no meaning. I just really want to belong to one person, and that person to belong to me. Can you please assign somebody for me? The loyal one--that's all I want. Just someone really faithful. Kasi nga, all my relationships have failed because of unfaithfulness, 'di ba? Ayoko na! Unless talaga it's someone that you want me to have, I'm not gonna date anymore."

Having said that prayer, Dawn swore off dating: "For a long time, for many months, all I did on a Friday, Saturday night, was stay home and watch TV. Really, for me, it was, like, no more! The guy's just gonna come. How it's gonna happen? I don't know, 'cause I'm not dating. So how will that happen kaya? But I just left it up to God."


She already knew Anton at that time, because they had a lot of mutual friends. Then one day he had her invited by a common friend to his home for his birthday party. Except that, she was the only guest! That was when she discovered that Anton was a really nice fellow, a great conversationalist, a soul mate. God had answered her prayer.





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