A 'Sweet' answer for DJ Mo's Forbidden Questions


John "Sweet" Lapus boldly answers 35 out of the 40 forbidden questions thrown by DJ Mo Twister.

S-Files co-host John "Sweet" Lapus reveals hisnaughty side by gamely joining the "Forbidden Questions" segment of MoTwister's radio show Good Times.

GMA-7's newest talk-show host boldly answered almost allof the 40 questions cooked up by today's hottest radio man, DJ Mo.However, he tapped out on question No.35 which asked which managerswere having relationships with their talents.

Frustrated, Sweet said: "Nakakainis naman! My friends will be very disappointed."

Sweet tried to resist for a while, but gave up answeringin the end. John was egged by Mo Twister to tap out when he answered:"Those na meron before, alam ko wala na e."

He was only five questions away from tying the perfectscore notched by Lolit Solis and Borgy Manotoc. The "ForbiddenQuestions" format keeps the questions rolling every time a guestprovides an answer; the questions stop the moment the guest refuses togive an answer.


With the KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas)now monitoring the radio show, everybody thought that Sweet would playit safe with his answers. However, Sweet put up a good show with hisshocking and hilarious answers regarding his personal life—and thelives of other people as well.

The KBP's entry was triggered largely by ABS-CBN's The Buzz inviting the body to look into the fights generated by the show among showbiz personalities. This move by The Buzzwas, however, not welcomed by a number of media practitioners whoargued, correctly, that the KBP should not be given the power to censormedia content.

Worst thing he did when he got drunk—"Dancenaked, especially if I drink Tequila. Tequila has some effect on me.Naghuhubad talaga ako, parang init na init ako. Most of my friends, mayebidensiya na nakahubad ako, labas dun 'yung pototoy [male reproductiveorgan] ko. Reality check for me na lalake pa rin pala talaga ako."


Age whe he got de-virginized—"I wasonly 10 years old! My mouth was actually devirginized. Classmate ofmine...I was in Grade 5. Most of them bagong circumcised, yung mgakaklase ko nagpapakita... Sabi niya, 'Why don't you taste it?'"

Bad encounter with a local celebrity—"NoraAunor. I was still with ABS-CBN before. Mag-ge-guest siya for the firsttime sa talk show ni Sharon Cuneta. Na-starstruck talaga ako nun kayNora Aunor. Ang ganda-ganda ng mata tapos hindi siya masyadongnagsasalita. Tinawag niya ako kasi parang kinakabahan [siya]. Ipinaabotyung iced tea. Nung nilalagay na sa cup, nag-amoy brandy sa studio.Pinatagay niya ako [sa] backstage! Nakipag-inuman ako!"

The last time he had a male escort—"Last week. How many? Too many to count. Nung tumanda, bumaba sex libido ko. Once a week o three times a month."

Whether he had plastic surgery—"Yes. Fake chin. Liposuction. Lower lip."


On how many one-night stands did he have—"Too many to count. 70-100."

Question number 27 was actually a dare. Mo Twister asked Sweet to kiss Good Times co-host Mojo Jojo. John was hesitant at first, but eventually did the challenge posed by DJ Mo.

John also gave his opinion about various celebrities during the program.

Worst dresser—"Kuya Germs. Glittering suits. Pero siyempre si Kuya Germs yun. He intends to wear those stuff."

Worst actress—"Keanna Reeves. Naka-take 7, take 8 kami. Sumakit ulo ko. Di nagbabasa ng script."

Worst actor—"Troy Montero. Hindi na lang [ssiya] mag-model."

Worst B.O.—"Chokoleit! Pawis, tsaka hininga niya. May amoy siya talaga. I'm sorry. Isang linggo kami magkasama sa Amerika."

Worst Showbiz Reporter—"Blinind item ako. I'm a diva [daw]. Hindi daw ako uma-attend ng press con. Ambet Nabus."

Biggest Feeling Diva—"Yung dinadaan-daanan ako. Nene Tamayo [Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 grand winner]. Shy daw. Pero nag-sorry naman na."


Overrated singer—"Jessa Zaragoza. Iba 'yung tunog. Boses bakla."

Biggest drama queen—"Recently, Lara Morena. Angelica Jones—naglalagay ng merthiolate sa paa para pumula."

Closet gay—"Pwedeng initial? [DJ Moanswered no.] Pag initial daw, 'di ako madedemanda [chuckles]. Si UmaKhouny. Kelangan na siyang mag-out. [Tsaka si] P.B."

Sweet didn't name the second closet gay.

Celebrities who are good-looking on TV and magazines but not in person—"Zanjoe Marudo [Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition finalist]. Ang gwapo-gwapo. Nung nakita ko, ‘Ay, ano ba yun?'"

Celebrities who have yet to admit having plastic surgery—"Gwen Garci. Her hips. Her boobs."

GMA-7's worst television show—"Daisy Siete. Parang sinasadya. I think it's intentional na maging campy. [But] There's a crowd for it."

Who should be out of the The Buzz—"Jobert Sucaldito. He's a friend. The Buzz will survive without him."

On who should be out of S-Files—"Pag cost-cutting? Si Paolo [Bediones]. He's not that showbiz. Hindi siya masyadong showbiz but he's a very good host."



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