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Lucy Torres-Gomez is considered as one of the most fashionable celebrities in the local entertainment scene. In the April 2006 issue of YES! magazine, Lucy shares, "Don't wear anything you're not comfortable with. Do invest in quality. Ako, ayoko talaga 'yong marami kang damit, 'yong binili mo lang dahil mura kahit hindi bagay naman sa 'yo or kahit hindi mo rin magagamit. Do spend on quality, but don't spend too much naman na it's obscene already.&q

The celebrity status of a person does not automatically grant her the fashionista title. To some, it comes naturally. Others need a bit of styling. There are a few stars whose outfits are screaming "fashion police!!!"

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asks Preview magazine Editor in Chief Pauline Suaco-Juan this question: "Who among the female celebrities would make it to your best dressed list?" And she drops five names.

1. Daphne Oseña-Paez
Daphne spends on quality. Rather than buy plenty of cheap little abubots from the tiangge, she saves up and buys classic designer goods that she knows will last. Her style is classic, but always funked up with the latest trend.

Daphne is the host of Studio 23's ANC Life and ABS-CBN's Urban Zone.

2. Angel Jacob
Angel is a master at mix and match, and you can be sure that her fashion finds are budget friendly, too. She's so creative with the way she dresses and accessorizes—sometimes wearing a necklace as a headpiece. Her style is fresh, bright, and always fun.

This host-actress has so far appeared on three primetime TV series and three movies.

3. Lucy Torres-Gomez
Lucy knows what looks good on her and sticks to it. She also has to her advantage her gorgeous alabaster skin, which she plays up whenever she can. In formal attire, no one can beat Lucy.

Other than attending to her husband's political activities and being a doting mom to Juliana, Lucy is busy with her shows on QTV 11 and ABC 5 entitled Sweet Life and Shall We Dance respectively.

4. Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez
Tweetie is always impeccably groomed and she always, always looks clean and neat. Her style is classic and cut close to the body, and is always kept interesting by her jewelry—most of which she makes herself.

The supermodel-actress is now a devoted mom, and is currently visible on the boob tube due to her numerous endorsements.


5. Cherie Gil
The tailored clothes she wears fit her so well. She always looks youthful. She travels a lot, too and you can see this in the way she dresses. Her style has also been consistent. We've loved her clothes from the days when she was saying "You're nothing but a second rate, trying-hard copycat!"

The noted character actress starred in 0ver 40 TV and movie projects.





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