Eric Fructuoso claims he had sex with Ara, Joyce, Aubrey, and Priscilla


Eric is the newest celebrity guest to get a perfect score on DJ Mo Twister's radio program. He joins Lolit Solis, Borgy Manotoc, Luis Alandy, Wilma Doesnt, and Katya Santos at the top of the pile. He even gets seven extra points for showing his 7-inch "wang." The former Guwapings member earns a total score of 47.

"Big time question... Eric, I asked you earlier, ‘Have you ever slept with anyone famous?' You said more than you have fingers... I'm gonna give you one point for every celebrity that you have slept with," dared DJ Mo Twister to Eric Fructuoso in "Forbidden Questions"—a segment in Magic 89.9 radio program Good Times.

Co-host Mojo Jojo seconded, "Yeah, famous women you've laid down with."

"Made love to," Eric corrected the question. "Respeto ‘yan, e."

He proceeded to answer the question, "Sino ba? You guys know na naging girlfriend ko si Ara Mina, right? Mahal na mahal ko siya. Sino pa'ng naging girlfriend ko? Joyce [Jimenez], everyone knows na naging girlfriend ko siya. Hindi ko lang masabi ‘yong pagmamahal ko sa kaniya, pero I know she loved me before—si Aubrey [Miles]. Sobrang ganda niya, e."

Mo butted in, "And the aforementioned Abby Viduya [also known as Priscilla Almeda]."

Eric reacted, "Oo nga, 'no?"

40 AND THEN SOME. Eric is the newest celebrity guest to get a perfect score. He joins Lolit Solis, Borgy Manotoc, Luis Alandy, Wilma Doesnt, and Katya Santos at the top of the pile. He even gets 7 extra points for showing his 7-inch "wang." He was also asked to make out with the openly gay Mojo Jojo in question No. 34.

Here are some Eric's answers to the "40 Forbidden Questions":

Indecent Proposal. Eric said he has been offered a million bucks by a rich gay for sex. He said he refused and slapped the rich gay a check of the same amount.

"Buti na lang hindi niya kinuha, kundi tatalbog!" Eric managed to joke.

He said the lowest offer was P50,000 from a "matrona."

Drugs. The actor admitted to having tried marijuana, ecstacy, shabu, and cocaine.

"Hindi naman ako nalulong!" he clarified. He said that he didn't get hooked because his body can't take the extra hype the drugs are giving him.


Plastic Surgery. Eric answered that he thinks Gwen Garci's breasts got bigger.

Worst Dresser. "Before, I'd say the old Jolina [Magdangal]," said Eric. He pointed out that Jolina looks much better now, without the flashy outfits.

Showbiz Closet Queen. Like the others before him, Eric named Piolo Pascual, but clarified that he based his answer on hearsay.

Toni or Ara. Eric admitted that he indeed had a relationship with Toni Gonzaga when Toni was still in GMA-7. He was asked to choose who is the better kisser—Toni or Ara Mina.

"In Toni's case, it was nothing physical," Eric defended Toni. "I'd have to go with Ara."

Worst Actors. He named Carlos Agassi as the worst actor. He said he doesn't know any bad actresses because he doesn't watch much TV anymore.

Guy Crush. Eric said that if he were a gay guy, he would have a crush on Piolo Pascual. "He has a nice ass!"

How big is your wang? "I don't know. Sabi nila 7 [inches]," answered the former Guwaping.

Jomari Yllana or Mark Anthony Fernandez (the other members of Guwapings)? "Mark. Mark makes me laugh," said Eric. He explained that of the three Guwapings, Jomari was the serious one.

Worst Body Odor. He said that the Guwapings were actually four—Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jomari Yllana, Jao Mapa, and him. He said that when the four of them were together, he smelled something unpleasant. The bad scent was coming from the direction of the two J's, Jomari and Jao. He said he didn't know who had the bad body odor between the two.

Guwapings. Eric was asked whom of the Gwapings had the most sexual partners.

"Alam ko si Mark, e. Sila quantity. Ako quality. Nag-start kami virgin ako, e," revealed Eric.

In another question, he disclosed that he lost his virginity when he was 15 or 16.


Better Station. "I like ABS-CBN kasi modern na," he answered.

Masturbation. "I was trying last night. Medyo madami na akong nainom, e. Eminem na ako, ‘Please stand up, please stand up,'" joked Eric.

Worst Thing Done While Drunk. He answered candidly, "I used to run around Boracay naked."





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