Baron Geisler: Bachelor space


Baron started painting when a friend gave him a starter's kit as a birthday gift. Ironically, this jolly and kalog celebrity confesses that most of his works were created as an outlet for grief or pain. "Siguro mula nang mawala 'yong daddy ko, naging lonely ako," Baron says, explaining where he gets his inspiration. He did a painting of Christ during the Holy Week: "Namatay 'yong lola ko noong Holy Week, so medyo depressed ako. And then, why may question

Baron Geisler's home is in a quiet and secluded subdivision on the outskirts of Quezon City. The day before YES! comes knocking at his door, we ask: how did he celebrate his birthday? (At the time of this shoot, Baron celebrated his 17th. He is now 21 years old.)

"Namigay kami ng goodies sa HOPE," says Baron's mother Grace.

HOPE is the Health Organization for the Poor Enterprise Foundation International, a nonprofit "volunteer group providing healthcare to under-served populations in the Philippines."

On Baron's birthday, June 5, he joined one of the organization's medical missions. He prepared a feast for the sick and needy, and gave away bags of rice instead of party hats. "Ugali niya na yan," continues Mommy Grace. "Mahilig siyang magbigay sa mga charities... babalik din naman daw sa kanya 'yon." A pleasant revelation about the real Baron Frederick Von Geisler.

Baron has been a loyal talent of ABS-CBN, appearing in defunct television shows such as "Kaybol," "Cyberkada," and "Tabing Ilog." His performance in Star Cinema's "Anak" and "Jologs" gave him recognition as a competent and credible film actor. Now a familiar face in show business, he is usually seen as a laid-back, fun-loving guy. But a totally different side of him—sensitive, thoughtful—is revealed as he opens the doors of his home to YES!

(YES! August 2003 issue)





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