Did Billy Crawford leave singing career abroad with a broken heart?


Billy Crawford is a singing superstar in France and Germany.

Nasa Pilipinas ngayon si Billy Crawford, ang former That's Entertainment "salinggit" noon sa all-teen show ni German Moreno sa GMA-7. He was known then as Billy Joe Crawford.

Moving to the United States when the GMA-7 show folded up, nanalo rin ng isang star-search award si Billy before moving to continental Europe, kung saan sumikat siya nang husto. Superstar siya in France and also in Germany. Best seller ang kanyang albums sa France from his original music label V2 Records, although he was not as successful in his bid to win the US and UK (United Kingdom) audiences.

Still, Billy is famous enough to do several high-profile jobs in the USA, including singing the theme song of Pokemon, the first full-length animation film. He also appeared in the original, but not the theater-released, version of Dominion: Prequel to Exorcist.

Noong nagsisimula pa lang siya, naging constant date ni Billy ang Hollywood singer-actress na si Mandy Moore, na gumawa naman ng isang Philippine commercial for Penshoppe, opposite a new discovery then na si Brad Turvey.

Billy recently broke ties with his original music label V2 and has announced that he was moving back to the Philippines.

Sabi sa mga French write-ups, kung saan favorite item si Billy, it has something to do with his breakup with a singer na nagngangalang Lorie. Isang tsismis pa nagsasabing ginamit lang daw ni Lorie si Billy para sumikat, Billy being the most popular singer then in France.

Sinagot naman ito ni Billy matapos ng May 31 press con ng Move, his upcoming show at the Music Museum: "Sabay kaming nagsimula sa France noon. To be fair, she's just as popular."


Pero inamin ni Billy that it was not a good break-up.

"We lasted for three-and-a-half years, then she hooked up with a dancer, and I didn't know that until it was late. It's not a good break-up. She and her boyfriend recently split-up, too," kuwento ni Billy.

On his own, he writes songs not just for himself but also for other artists. One of his compositions, "Beautiful Night," was bought by no less than Britney Spears.

"She loved the song. She promised to use this in her next album. The only question is when," sabi ng dating child star.

Puro kontrobersiya pa kasi ngayon si Britney na nanganak ng magkasunod na beses at nahinto ang pagkanta, at pagkatapos ay nahiwalay sa asawang si Keven Federline.

"If she doesn't use it, I don't mind singing it myself. But last I heard, Britney is now preparing for her comeback so she might use this after all," panghuling pahayag ni Billy.





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