The petite girl: Aiza Marquez


Left: Trousers should be a good fit. Slightly strechy fabrics always work. Pari them with tops that reveal a bit of midriff, and neck. Right: Show a bit of chest. Black pants, worn with black boots or black-strapped heels, adds to the "look." Make sure color coordination extends from waist to toe: svelte! (YES! July 2004 issue)

You shop in the children's section. When you do stray into the adult section of a department store, you always end up altering every single item you buy. While you never thought of yourself as Cinderella, you never thought you were Thumbelina either. But suddenly, you're not so sure. It's time you stopped anyone from making you feel you were on the wrong side of fashion.

You're not.

Think of your size—all right, petite—as an asset. You're cute to begin with. The rest is just about poise and a couple of dressing tricks. Here's commercial model/actress Aiza Marquez to show you how.


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