"YES!" investigates Gretchen Baretto-John Estrada "kissing photo" (Part 1)


You may think you've heard the entire story about the "kisscandal" involving Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada, but the August issue of YES! still has more to tell—to be exact, 19 pages of quotes and reports from reliable showbiz. It's a must-buy issue, grab your copy now!

Persons involved in the controversial "Kissing Photo" that came out early June may have chosen to keep mum about the issue, but for some followers of local showbiz the scandal didn't end there. For them, it's still a scandal that is waiting for an explanation.

YES! puts together gathered information and interviews to be able to see the issue in a broader aspect. In the August issue, YES! talks about the people involved in the "Kissing Photo"—among these are John Estrada, Gretchen Barretto and partner Tony Boy Cojuangco and, of course, Rufa Mae Quinto, whose surprise birthday party became very controversial—and how they were all connected with each other, as well as their connection to the scandal.

Joey Reyes, a director who fearlessly criticized the recently concluded Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, is also asked by YES! to write a commentary about the "Kissing Photo."

In his four-page commentary, Direk Joey gives his observation on how people scrutinized celebrity scandals like the "Kissing Photo" and jumped to an assortment of conclusions. And to these people he leaves some questions to ponder: "Do we really know Gretchen and John outside what is given to us by publicists and reporters? Or do we only assume that we know them more than our next-door neighbors?"


YES! also takes a peek at the crib of two bachelors—Jake Cuenca and Marco Alcaraz. Get to know these bachelors as they narrate their stories on how they started in showbiz while the YES! staff are roaming inside their house.

Lastly, see how Judy Ann transformed from drama actress to a sexy dancer during the celebration of her 20th showbiz anniversary at the Araneta Coliseum. Also, take a look at Judy Ann's unforgettable moments with her loved ones during this celebration.

All these and more inside the August issue of YES! magazine. So hurry and go to your favorite bookstore and magazine stands and grab a copy now!


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