Dolphy and Zsa Zsa Padilla can wed only when her marriage is annuled


The wedding of Rodolfo Vera Quizon, better known as Dolphy, and Esperanza Padilla, or Zsa Zsa, has been a four-year-old plan. During the 80th birthday bash of the Comedy King, he expressed his fervent wish to marry the Divine Diva soon.

As early as 2003, there were loud talks about a grand Las Vegas wedding for Dolphy and actress-singer-host Zsa Zsa Padilla. Another one was set for the year 2006, just before Christmas. But all plans were aborted.

To date, Zsa Zsa's petition for the annulment of her marriage to Dr. Modesto Tatlonghari—the dad of young singer Karylle—is still facing technical problems.

As background, a write-up—posted on Filipino Express Online—wrote that in October 2003, the Office of Solicitor General (OSG) entered the picture because Dr. Tatlonghari no longer pursued the case. OSG argued that the actress had violated public policy because she was still married when she started her relationship with Dolphy.

In a another report posted by Balitang Marino.Com, the fiscal reviewing the case filed for reconsideration, noting that the filer, Esperanza Padilla-Tatlonghari (the Divine Diva's name in real life), was not the aggrieved party, as she claimed.


So up to now, 20 years after the Comedy King and the Divine Diva fell in love, they're still unmarried. Dolphy is now 79 and Zsa Zsa is 43.

At first, disappointment engulfed Zsa Zsa, mother of daughters Karylle, Nicole, and Sia, whenever she thought of the annulment case. But now, she just laughs things off. In her website, she jokes, "yung mga parents namin ang hindrance."

In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on March 17, she said: "It's better to look at it on the bright side, ‘di ba? I'm not mad but kind of disappointed because it's been long overdue na. But I know that the Lord has good plans. Let's just be positive about it all."

On July 28 at the Villa Immaculada in Intramuros, PEP got the chance to get the Comedy King's side on the subject. It was the celebration of his 80th (tecnically, 79th) birthday.

He said that the plan for Zsa Zsa to be Mrs. Rodolfo Quizon is something that he'd want to happen. For now, they'd have to wait for the court's decision: "Hindi pa siya naa-annul, e, ‘di ba? Hindi na nga namin pinag-uusapan muna, e. May pumipigil dun, hindi ko nga lang alam kung sino."


And on a lighter note, he conveyed a message for the loveliest woman in his life: "Nagpapasalamat ako at nagkaroon ako ng...hindi ko masabing asawa pero asawa na ang turing ko sa kanya dahil almost twenty years na rin kami, e. Nagpapasalamat ako dahil kundi sa kanya baka patay na rin ako. Siya ang talagang nag-aalaga sa akin pagka nagkakasakit ako."


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