Kris Aquino: "I feel na I'm really a better person now."


"Angnarinig ko, pahinga muna ang relationship namin. I haven't talked to her talagasince February. I think we have mutual respect for each other, but I guess walatalagang communication, di ba?" says Dr. Vicki Belo (inset) about her relationship with Kris Aquino.

"I deserve better," said Facial Care Center's newadvertising campaign with Kris Aquino as its newest endorser.

Before anyone could speculate that the new tagline is aboutthe move from Belo Clinic to Facial Care Center , the TV host-actress clarifiedthat the ad message is reflective of her personal life.

"I feel na I'm really a better person now... ‘Yong parang thethree months I was away, resting and all, I enriched myself talaga, in aspiritual manner also. And I really feel na when you go through a life changingexperience, you become a more compassionate person. You really become better inevery sense of the word," she explained.

She added, "Now, parang I realized na I have to make myselfbetter also kasi parang in the sense na now that I'm back at work, it can'treally be all work. Work has been good to me. I want to enrich other facets inmy life. So doon nanggaling ‘yon. They coined that because of long interviewswith me, based on the things I said. [Like,] ‘Everyday is a new day and Godwants me to be a better person everyday. ‘Yon lang 'yon."


BODY BY BELO. After taking maternity leave, Kris isback on the boobtube, hosting Kapamilya Deal or No Deal and Boy& Kris. She is also back to her diet, trying to lose the baby weight.

"In fairness to Dr. Belo, hindi talaga lumaki ‘yong arms koduring pregnancy. I guess ganoon talaga kapag maganda ang pagkakagawa [nglipo], and I texted her [Vicki] that," said Kris.

At the opening of Belo Clinic in Rustan's, Makati, PEP(Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Dr. Vicki Belo.

"She texted me that, ‘I hope you heard na thereason why I'm only endorsing skin for the face is because I'm very happy nawith my body. I won't let anybody touch it.' So, thank you Kris," commentedVicki.

Vicki and her long-time endorser Kris had a falling outafter the James Yap-Hope Centeno controversy in February. How is theirrelationship?

"Ang narinig ko pahinga muna ang relationship namin. Ihaven't talked to her talaga since February. I think we have mutual respect foreach other, but I guess wala talagang communication, di ba?" she answered.

"It's still a little awkward as of the moment.I'm sure everything naman will pass and everything will be peaceful in a fewyears," she concluded.


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