Matutina's voice still echoes on TV


Her role on John en Marsha is considered one of the most remarkable "maid" portrayals on TV. She and Doña Delilah made an interesting pair. After comedy sitcoms, Matutina has invaded the world of animé series and cartoon shows.

For almost 17 years, Pinoy viewers would hear her squeaky voice every Friday night. She was the sidekick and maid of the late Doña Delilah, John Puruntong's mother in law in John en Marsha. People who lived through the late '70s and '80s would remember Matutina, or Evelyn Bontogan-Guerrero in real life.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a chat with her during the Comedy King's "80th" birthday bash at Villa Immaculada, Intramuros last July 28. Unlike her snobbish character on TV, she's very warm.

The first question PEP asked her, "What's keeping her busy nowadays?"

"Sa dubbing. ‘Tsaka director, supervisor sa mga catoons, animé, ‘tsaka ongoing yung aking Inosente de Te sa channel 2 after Wowowee. May project ako sa Hero channel, puro dubbing ngayon. So far, wala pa yung mga telenovela...yung ano, mga sineserye, wala pa. At saka, ginagawa ko iyong animation ng Super Inggo," she replied excitedly.

Matut, Matutina's other nickname, also shared her most recent projects on TV, "Katatapos ko pa lang ng Super Inggo at saka yung Hiram na Mukha na sineserye ng Channel 2."

Seeing her old castmates—Dolphy, Maricel Soriano, Rolly Quizon—during the Roaring '20s-themed party of the Comedy King brought back a lot of memories. She reminisced, "Maraming mga sweet memories, hindi lang sweet kundi yun bang hindi mo makakalimutan sa buhay mo. Marami!"

When asked about her reaction to John en Shirley, spin-off to the original and is currently airing on ABS-CBN, she remarked with a laugh, "Akala ko nga kasama ako kasi ang title no'ng nag-guest ako, Ang pagbabalik ni Matut. Akala ko ano na ‘yon...dire-diretso na. Hindi pala."

How does she see showbiz these days?

"Okay pa rin kasi nandirito pa rin ako, e. At saka maraming sangay, kumbaga maraming branches ang showbiz—kung wala sa pelikula meron akong TV, ‘pag wala sa TV may radyo, ‘pag wala sa radyo dubbing. Gano'n, ‘di ba?"


And to those who do not know this tidbit of information about Matut, she's one of the country's early dubbers way back in the '90s.

"Pioneer ako kasi ng dubbing sa Channel 9 before. Wala pa yang mga ano na yan...Remember Marimar? Yung ka-back to back ng Marimar, si Simplemente Maria," she proudly beamed.

Indeed, Matutina's voice still echoes.





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