Images of childhood: KC Concepcion


Living in Paris, KC says, has always been herdream. "The European experience... I don't want to pass up the opportunity. I'mnot crazy to pass up the chance. So, I have the chance, I got it... and now, I amon my way." (YES! September 2003 issue)

It's not easy being Kristina CassandraConcepcion. A product of celebrity parents, KC was a public figure even beforeshe was born. So when the little girl blossomed into a pretty young woman, itwas expected of her to enter showbiz just like her parents. That she did whenshe made her theatrical debut as Princess Sapphire in The Little Mermaid.

Buther priorities are still her family and her education. And it was witheducation in mind that KC left the Philippines last August 2003, to go tocollege at the American University in Paris. And recently, she graduated!


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