Taxi driver and lady reporter cry foul against ex-PBA cager Bong Alvarez


Ex-PBA superstar Bong Alvarez got a dose of his own medicine courtesy of Gretchen Malalad, ABS-CBN news reporter and former Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition housemate.

Former Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) superstar, Paul "Bong" Alvarez found himself in hot water after a cab driver identified as Wilfredo Cabanlit charged him with physical injuries.

According to a police report, Alvarez rode Cabanlit's cab on Timog Avenue and asked to be dropped off in Mandaluyong. The taxi driver claimed that Alvarez was drunk at that time and was even drinking alcohol inside the cab until he dozed off.

When they reached Mandaluyong City, Cabanlit said that he woke Alvarez up to ask where exactly he will be dropped off. The former PBA player told him he doesn't know where and asked him to drop him off in Quiapo instead.

Then, when the driver asked Alvarez to just get off the cab even without paying and get another cab, the former cager allegedly shouted at Cabanlit and started kicking and punching him.

The driver managed to get off the cab but Alvarez pursued him. When Alvarez caught up with Cabanlit, the player allegedly beat him up and hit him with a beer bottle.


Cabanlit managed to seek help from barangay tanods, who brought him and Alvarez to the Mandaluyong police station.

But Alvarez woes didn't end with Cabanlit. He was also charged by ABS-CBN news reporter Gretchen Malalad with a similar offense.

According to the complaint filed by Gretchen, who was at the Mandaluyong police station when Alvarez and Cabanlit arrived, the former PBA player elbowed her and grabbed her by the hair as she attempted to interview the taxi driver. Unfortunately for Alvarez, the former Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition housemate, is a certified black belter. Gretchen retaliated and punched Alvarez in the face.

Alvarez, who is married to actress Almira Muhlach, was formally charged before the Mandaluyong City's Prosecutor Office.

Almira, who was in the hospital, quickly rushed to the police station and reportedly broke down upon learning this latest incident involving her husband.

She then sought the financial help of talent manager Annabelle Rama to cover Bong's bail.


"Tumawag kasi sa akin si Almira, umiiyak dahil sa nangyari kay Bong. Wala raw silang abugado at pampiyansa kaya tinulungan ko naman siyempre dahil alaga ko naman si Almira at matagal nang kaibigan ito ni Ruffa," said Annabelle to Abante Tonite columnist Abu Tilamzik.

"Nandito ako para kay Almira dahil naaawa na ako. Hindi ko naman ka-close si Bong, e," added Annabelle.


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