Dingdong Dantes and other hunks go back to basics for the 2007 Cosmo Bachelor Bash


The sensual Dingdong Dantes, now known as Sergio in theGMA-7 telenovela Marimar, fulfilled the island fantasy of fun, fearlessladies for the 2007 Cosmo Bachelor Bash. He was one of the eight celebritycenterfolds who took part in the festivities last night, September 6, at the NBC Tent.

What would you do if you were stranded on a deserted islandwith hot, hot hunks? Fun, fearless females would grab the opportunity and partyuntil the wee hours of the morning. That is exactly what Cosmopolitan readersdid during the 2007 Cosmo Bachelor Bash held last night, September 6, at theNBC Tent at the Fort, Taguig City.

Eight of the ten celebrity centerfolds took to the modelingramp-cum-island paradise during the event, which was dubbed as "Flight 69."

Dingdong Dantes, Paolo Paraiso, Derek Ramsey, Luke Jickain,Bruno Folster, Joem Bascon, Marvin Raymundo, and Jon Avila were all half-nakedas they proudly walked down the U-shaped ramp set up in the NBC Tent.

Unfortunately, Jake Cuenca and Alfred Vargas were unable to share the limelightwith the other celebrity centerfolds because they had tapings scheduled thatnight.

The program, which started at 9:30 and ended at 11:00 p.m.,consisted of six naughty "in-flight" games and had dozens of well-built menstrutting down the catwalk in all levels of undress. This year's edition of theCosmo Bachelor Bash was hosted by Menchu Antigua.

Three-time Cosmo centerfold Paolo Paraiso told PEP(Philippine Entertainment Portal) that it felt good to be one of the hunkshandpicked by the Cosmo team this year. "Overwhelmed kahit na third timeko ‘to. Ang sarap ng reaction ng crowd! Unang-una ako lumabas kaya pressuredako," recalled Paolo.

The star of the indie film Casa heated up the crowdsince he was the first celebrity centerfold to bare his assets that night."It's an honor to be one of the top ten centerfolds sa Cosmo. Lalo nanga kasi [I was part of] the first batch, nakita ko kung paano magsimula. Smallevent ito dati at ngayon, napakalaki na. Ang sarap ng feeling na nakasama uliako."


He shared what he and the other gorgeous hunks were talkingabout moments before they bared themselves to the public: "Yun nga pinaguusapannamin nina Dingdong na nakaka-addict pala ang feeling na ‘to."

Paolo's ex-live in partner Mylene Dizon could not containher giddiness over his daring number. "Kinilig ako! Kinilig ako! Actually,natuwa talaga ako. To think, na minsan siyang naging akin," said Mylene Dizon,with a laugh.

Since Mylene celebrated her birthday that night, September6, she was asked what gift she received from Paolo. She then pointed out thefiretruck-red shoes that she was wearing that night and said that it came fromPaolo.

BACHELORS GALORE. Aside from the celebritycenterfolds, this year's 69 hot, new bachelors were given their fair share ofattention during the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. The macho men confidently bared theirtorsos and exposed their well-developed muscles for the benefit of the oglingpublic. The island natives wore intricate tribal accessories and carriedprimitive weapons such as spears and crossbows.

The mythical land of Virgins' Island is occupied bydangerous pirates that engage in sword fights and hand-to-hand combat. Afortress is set up onstage, serving as a stronghold for the hunky inhabitantsof the island. There is even a huge spider web where several hunks hang upsidedown a la-Spiderman.

See the select bachelors plus the celebrity centerfolds in thespecial supplement that comes free with the September 2007 issue of Cosmopolitan.The magazine's acting editor-in-chief Zo Aguila shares that they drew inspirationfrom the drama-adventure TV series Lost when they were conceptualizingthe "back-to-nature" shoots for the special supplement. Cosmo shuttledthe bachelors to tropical hotspots such as Antipolo, Pagsanjan, and Subic inorder to shoot their yummy photos.


According to the show's director Robbie Carmona, the ideafor "Flight 69" struck him when he boarded a flight from Paris, France,recently. "My inspiration was from my last trip from Paris. I was in the planeand...[I thought] what if I experienced a water landing and I land in anextraordinary place filled with men who want to touch my body and to eat me.What if they do it with all the ladies in the plane? That was my concept," heexplains.

As the 2007 Cosmo Bachelor Bash came to a close, multi-coloredconfetti fell on the bodies of the half-naked men of Virgins' Island. Judgingfrom the shrill shrieks and thunderous applause from the jampacked crowd,"Flight 69" just might be one plane ride that nobody wanted to end.

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