Stars who made headlines as moms-to-be


"Wala naman akong dapat ikahiya. It's a wonderful gift [from] God. At pangalawa, I think I owe the public the truth about my life. It's a blessing and I'm very proud of it, and I don't regret anything," says Camille Prats on revealing her four-month pregnancy to the public.

Everyone was surprisedwhen Camille Prats announced that she was four months pregnant by non-showbizboyfriend Anthony Linsangan.

"Wala naman akongdapat ikahiya. It's a wonderful gift [from] God. At pangalawa, I think I owethe public the truth about my life. It's a blessing and I'm very proud of it,and I don't regret anything," Camille said.

Sheen Patricia CamillePrats was first seen on TV when she joined EatBulaga's Little Miss Philippines in 1990. She was justfive years old then. Her popularity meter rose when she became a regular onABS-CBN's Ang TV and Oki Doki Doc. Her charm, coupled withtalent in acting and dancing, endeared her to the public. She was showbiz'slittle darling and "munting prinsesa."

And a few months fromnow, the showbiz baby will have her own baby!

Pregnancy news isconsidered a big scoop in showbiz, especially if the mom-to-be is young,talented, and has a promising career. Every time a star or a reporter drops itlike a bomb, the public gets shocked and the press treats it with much hoopla.

And Camille is not thefirst celebrity to make such a surprising revelation in showbiz.

PEP (PhilippineEntertainment Portal) harks back to the "I'm pregnant" announcementsthat became the talk of the town. Let it be made clear, however, that the listhas no intent of passing judgment on the celebrities. We simply want toreminisce and not sound prudish.

SHARON CUNETA. Viva darling Sharon Cuneta andRegal heartthrob Gabby Concepcion captured the hearts of movie fans when theyboth top-billed Dear Heart in1981.


The reel tandem, whichbecame the most popular love team of the '80s, turned real. It wasn't longbefore they exchanged "I dos" in a grand wedding held at the ManilaCathedral in September 20, 1984. But unknown then to Sharon's parents, she and Gabby had alreadymarried in civil rites six months earlier.

The fact: they were inlove. And the bomb: Sharonwas two months pregnant. Their union paved the way for the birth of MariaKristina Cassandra "KC" Concepcionin April 1985.

By 1992, the couple hadseparated. The two movie sweethearts have moved on since then. Sharon is now married to Senator Francis"Kiko" Pangilinan and they have two kids. Gabby is now based in the U.S. and hasalso remarried.

LANI MERCADO. Ramon "Bong" Revilla,Jr., the son of action star Ramon Revilla Sr., returned from the U.S. when hewas 15. He met Lani Mercado when the latter was just 14, and he asked to bepaired with her.

When Lani turned 16, theywere allowed to go out on group dates. However, the relationship was describedas on-and-off due to the playboy image of Bong. It turned serious when Lanibecame pregnant with their first child. At 18, she became a mom.

They had a civil weddingin Glendale, California, in May 1986. After six kids and12 years, the union of Lani Mercado and Bong Revilla was solemnized in a grandchurch wedding on March 25, 1998.

Lani Mercado now hostsQTV 11's Moms, while Bonghosts GMA-7's KAPmazing Storiesand serves the country as a senator.


LIEZL MARTINEZ. Albert Martinez was one of thematinee idols of the ‘80s. Anna Lissa "Liezl" Sumilang-daughter ofAmalia Fuentes and Romeo Vasquez-was a showbiz newbie.

At 25, he was at the heightof his career. At 19, she was about to be launched in a movie. But all plansfor their showbiz careers were aborted. The two eloped to the U.S. in 1985.

They lived in the U.S.-Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and SanFrancisco-as husband and wife. In 1991, they decidedto return to the Philippines,and Albert resumed his acting career.

Liezl, now 40, is a full-timehousewife. Albert at 46 is a sought-after character actor who was last seen inABS-CBN's Maria Flordeluna.They have three kids-Alyanna, Alfonso, and Alyssa.

YAYO AGUILA. The two met on the set of Bagets, the ‘80s movie that defined thedecade's teen generation. Yayo Aguila was 16, while William Martinez was 21,the most senior cast member. By the end of the movie shoot, they were in love.And the year after they met, in 1983, they got married.

The pair will becelebrating their 25th anniversary on November 17, 2008. Four children andseveral marital problems later, Yayo resolutely said, "It just neveroccurred to me to leave him."

JANICE DE BELEN. Catherine Janice Yap de Belen shotup to fame as a child star in Flordeluna.

In 1986, Janice was atthe peak of her stardom with all her successful TV soaps and movies. But hermoment in the limelight was cut short when she got pregnant at age 18. The dad:Bagets star Aga Muhlach, herscreen partner in the movies Erpat kongForgets, Napakasakit KuyaEddie, Bakit Madalas angTibok ng Puso, and When IFall in Love.


They named their lovechild Luigi.

Janice's pregnancy didnot lead her to the altar with Aga. Both found their respective real-lifepartners several years later. Janice wed model John Estrada (but they're nowseparated), while Aga Muhlach married 1994 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe CharleneGonzalez.

Janice has fourkids-Inah, Moira, Kylah and Yuan. Aga and Charlene have their twins, Atasha andAndres.

JEAN GARCIA. Jean Garcia and Jigo Garcia weremainstays of German Moreno's That'sEntertainment. The people around them had high hopes for theirbudding careers.

Jean's biggest break camewhen Regal Films asked her to do Impaktitawith Richard Gomez, Aga Muhlach, Gloria Romero, and Nida Blanca.That was in 1989, the same year she got pregnant by Jigo.

The two lived together,but called it quits after five years.

Fast forward to 2007.Jean is now an established character actress on TV, and has a son courtesy of aJapanese businessman, her former partner. Meanwhile, Jigo is serving as abarangay captain. He is happily married to a doctor and has four kids.

Jean and Jigo's daughter Jenicahas entered show business and is seen together with her mom on GMA-7 's Impostora and Boys Nxt Door. She is being paired withMart Escudero in their launching movie.

LOTLOT DE LEON. Like Jean Garcia, Lotlot de Leonwas also a mainstay of That'sEntertainment. The adopted daughter of Superstar Nora Aunor andDrama King Christopher de Leon was one of the most popular teen stars of herbatch. A TV show titled Lotlot andFriends was even made for her by RPN-9.


And then she was pairedwith Ramon "Monching" Christopher, the son of Pilita Corrales andEddie Gutierrez (who eventually separated). The result? A hit love team on and off-cam!

But the couple's fastrise to fame came to a halt when Lotlot announced she was pregnant. She was 16,and Monching, 18. They got married at Club Filipino in 1989.

After almost 20 years andwith four kids-Diego Emmanuel, 10; Jessica Clarisse, 17; Laura Maxine Jillian,7; and Janine Marie Elizabeth, 18-Lotlot and Monching parted ways.

Monching,now 37, is the one taking care of the kids, with the help of his mom.Meanwhile, Lotlot is working on her papers so she can stay with her biologicaldad in the U.S.for good.

BING LOYZAGA. Bing Loyzaga, the daughter ofbasketball legend Carlos Loyzaga, was another mainstay of That's Entertainment. Her brief romancewith Janno Gibbs, son of actor Ronaldo Valdez, already ended when she realizedshe was pregnant.

Her shocking announcementbroke the heart of Manilyn Reynes, then the reel-and-real love of Janno, and thelegions of Janno-Manilyn fans.

Bing and Janno gotmarried in 1990, a year after Bing gave birth to Alyssa.

They both resumed theirshowbiz careers-Janno as a singer-host-comedian and Bing as a characteractress.

At one point, the twoannounced their separation. But early this year, they admitted patching thingsup.

ANGELU DE LEON. Angelu de Leon was part of thecast of the popular Saturday afternoon show, TGIS(Thank God It's Sabado) aired over GMA-7. She and Bobby Andrewsplayed thewell-lovedtandem of Peachy and Wacks. TV viewersadored them.


But their fans were dismayedwhen Angelu got pregnant at the age of 19, not by Bobby. Many had hoped thattheir reel partnership would turn real, but Angelu was apparently dating JokoDiaz, son of character actor Paquito Diaz, off- cam.

Angelu's and Joko'srelationship did not last long. Their daughter Nicole is now nine years old.

Most of the young motherswere able to make a successful comeback in showbiz. But some decided to just stayout of the limelight and lead a quiet life.

Other stars who almostmade it to our list are Bunny Paras (with DJ Mo Twister) and Raven Villanueva(with Diego Castro). Do you have more names to add?





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