Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista support "See Beyond Beauty Breed" campaign


Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista, advocates of native dogs and cats, posed for ads of the "See Beauty Beyond Breed" campaign of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Celebrity couple Jericho Rosales and Heart Evangelista arethe newest spokespersons of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) andPenshoppe for their biggest project this year called "See Beauty Beyond Breed."

The campaignaims to raise the status of native cats and dogs in the eyes of the public, at the same time, imparts the message that they are just as cute and affectionateas their purebred counterparts.

"We often see native dogs wagging their tails, followingtheir owners around, hoping for a pat on the head—but they're usually justignored or shooed away and it's one of the saddest scenes in our societytoday," said PAWS president Nita Hontiveros-Lichauco, who believes that nativedogs or mutts are often the most abused and neglected pets.

With this campaign,PAWS also hopes to give an alternative to people who are open topet adoption. PAWS likes to change the thinkingof people who automatically choose a pure breed instead of adopting a nativecat or dog from the PAWS Animal Shelter.

HEART, ECHO, ANDPAWS. To help promote the campaign, Jericho andHeart posed for the campaign posters together with some of the native cats anddogs from the PAWS Animal Shelter.

This celebrity couple is perfect for the "See BeautyBeyond Breed" campaign because they are both animal lovers and are deeply affectedby news about animal cruelty.

Heart was first involved with PAWS during the "Earth Day"event in 2006, where she gave an impromptu appeal for people to be kind toanimals. The PAWS officers, who werealso at the event, were surprised that someone finally spoke about animals atan environmental event.


Then, in March 2007, Heart visited the PAWS Animal Shelter to spend time with the shelter dogs. That was how she met Mario, the longest staying shelter dog, and shewas saddened on learning that he had been waiting three years for someone to adopt him.

A photo of Heart and Mario, which was published in YES!Magazine, helped the poor dog to be adopted by a loving family.

Meanwhile, Jericho shares Heart's love for animals and hasbeen vocal in magazine interviews about how he cares for his pets. He even explains that star power can lend a lot of value to the campaign. He said, "Artist or celebrities dapat ang tumutulong sa ganito. Theyinfluence people. If they sit around, sayang naman, di ba?"

Aside from posing for thecampaign ads, Jericho also suggested that Heart's next music video shouldfeature shelter animals from PAWS.

These campaignposters will be displayed at all Penshoppe store windows and will also be disseminatedin schools, vet clinics, churches, community billboards, and otherPAW-affiliated establishments. Also,PAWS Donation Cans will be put in all Penshoppe stores.

There will also be a20-second video montage showing the campaign images, which will be seen in 360 degree-media screens in select locations in Metro Manila.

UPCOMING EVENT. On September 30, PAWS will hold its third "The Great Dog Dash" at the Eastwood Central Plaza. The event will be graced by celebrities Karylle, Manu Sandejas, Mel Martinez, Paula Peralejo, and the couple Vince and Shaan Hizon.

The fund-raising race event is open to dogs under 15 inches from the tip of the paw to the top of the head. Other reminders are as follows:


1. Dogs must be at least ONE YEAROLD. No puppies please.
2. Female dogs must NOT be in heat.
3. Bring proof of your dog's updatedrabies vaccination.
4. Dogs must be well-socialized. PAWSreserves the right to disqualify dogs that are seen as aggressive towards otherdogs or humans.
5. To give chance to other caninesprinters, previous years' FIRST PLACE winners are not allowed to join.

A registration fee of P200goes to the PAWS Animal Shelter. Registration starts at 3:00 p.m. and the race begins at4:00 p.m. Come early—the first 50 registrants will each receive a special goodybag from ALPO.





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