Golden Boy Yul Servo


Yul, who used to work as a house painter in Tondo, Manila, painted his bedroom walls himself.(YES! August 2005 issue)

At 25, (now 27) and at the rate film projects have been coming his way, he can very well afford to have a pad of his own. In fact, his mother tells him: “Gusto ko magkaro’n ka ng townhouse.”

But Yul Servo (real name: John Marvin Nieto) is in no hurry to leave the nest. Right now, he prefers to stay in the Nieto family house. And when you see how he is with his family, you begin to understand his reluctance to leave home.

The Nietos’ three-story abode in New Manila, Quezon City, serves as both residence and workplace. The first floor houses the office of one of the Nietos’ numerous businesses, Ads Republic, which makes advertising billboards. On the second and third floor is where the family lives, where they spend time just hanging out—“nagmimiting-miting,” as Yul’s mom puts it, “kuwentuhan lang.”

What makes it stand out is that it looks like it has been touched by King Midas. A golden glow suffuses the house. Most of the furniture is painted gold—gold chairs, gold tables, gold cabinets, gold headboards for the beds.

Credit for their home’s unique look goes to Yul’s parents. Dad Glenn is an architect, and mom Zenaida, though she has never had any formal training in interior design, is a home-decorating enthusiast. “’Yong designing, talagang hilig ko na ’yon,” Zenaida Nieto says. “Ako nag-design niyang mga kurtina… lahat.”

Yul’s parents believe that gold brings the family luck. Glenn Nieto is in fact so crazy about the soft yellow metal that he now wants to change the color of his black Mercedes to—you guessed it—gold!





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