Karel Marquez speaks out on pregnancy guesswork


According to Karel Marquez,leaving Zaido was a decision she had to make to enable her to fulfill her otherplans and priorities.

Hoping to put the pregnancyrumors to rest, young actress-singer Karel Marquez appeared beside hermother, stage actress Pinky Marquez, in a special interview with Showbiz Central aired yesterday,September 30.

Echoing the same reason given byher mother last Friday, September 28, to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)in an exclusive phone interview, Karel downplayed the rumor that she ispregnant.

The controversy started when newsgot out that Karel pulled out from GMA-7's Zaido:Pulis Pangkalawakan to go to the U.S.to study. Showbiz reporters quickly smelled a story and questioned the truereason behind Karel's decision—citing the possibility that the young actressmight be pregnant.

Pinky had earlier announced thather daughter struggled to keep up with the punishing demands of shooting a TVseries.

"The time of their taping would end at 10 a.m. the next day. Her resistance is weak. She'snot getting any sleep. That's when you have so much work. It's likesunud-sunod," explained Pinky to PEP last Friday, September 28.

Pinky recalled an incident that signalled Karel's failing health becauseof the workload.

"Siguro nung mga two-weeks na, she said ‘Mom I'm not feeling well, Iwanted to be absent.' So I called the manager [June Rufino]. [I said] maybe hindi niyakakayanin ‘tong everyday [shooting]," she told Showbiz Central.

Pinky explained that much as her daughter wanted to continue her Zaidostint, it would be impossible to juggle all of Karel's other commitmentswithout sacrificing her health.

"But if you do it all together [recording, singing, acting, theater]siguro she'll get sick," continued Pinky.

KEEPING HER PRIORITIESSTRAIGHT. Karel admittedthat leaving the country is not a remote possibility. But she's not moving outyet, at least for now.

"I have plans pero I'm not leaving now. I'm not leaving next month.There are little things na pumapasok sa isip ko what I want to do in life,"said Karel who also added that she wanted to concentrate more on stage actingand singing.


"I'm thinking of abroad next year [or] next, nextyear [but] not now. Siyempre, I have to stand up for what I want."

She openly confided though that leaving Zaido, only after amonth of shooting, was a difficult decision to make.

"Of course I was sad," said Karel. "Honestly, sa lastday of Zaido, actually I already have my own priorities sa mind ko. Imade my decision already I want to balance my time with my plans.





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