Here’s why Venus Raj does not own many pairs of shoes

IMAGE @onlyvenus @jjouvemg on INstagram

Venus Raj recently got herself a new pair of shoes because her "go-to comfy heels retired."

Fame has not changed the way Venus Raj lives.

Her life is definitely more comfortable now, but she remains frugal, practical, and a big believer of spending her hard-earned money wisely.

Her latest Instagram post read, "Until your slippers/shoes are worn out, you couldn’t get a new one.

"I grew up in this discipline, kaya sinisira ko tsinelas ko para ibili ng bago.

"But this discipline also taught me to be contented with what I have and maximize the use of things before I dispose them."

This belief, the morena beauty said, extends to other things.

She continued, "Same discipline applies to my gadgets, bags, clothes, hangga’t nagagamit pa, hangga’t puwede pa, bakit ka bibili ng bago?"

When this Bicolana joined her first pageant, she bought a pair of shoes with her cash prize, and that was because, "Nanghihiram lang po ako noon ng sapatos para sa graduation ko sa elementary."


Venus recently got herself a new pair of shoes because her "go-to comfy heels retired." 

But even before doing that, she had to pray for a new pair.

The 30-year-old host explained, "You may think this is just a small thing, why do I even have to pray to God for a new pair of shoes?

"If I can trust God with the big stuff of my life, what more with the small smilingly insignificant things? God is a God who knows even the numbers of our hairs, He would be delighted if we trust Him even with the littlest details of our lives."

Venus became a household name in 2010, after she was dethroned and reinstated as Bb. Pilipinas Universe due to a citizenship issue. She also started the country’s lucky streak in Miss Universe.


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