Rufa Mae Quinto talks about being in love in February issue of "YES!"


Rufa Mae Quinto, in interview with YES! magazine, says she likes to have four kids when she gets married, "Ever since, dream kong magkaroon ng family of four kids, because I never had a family. Ngayon lang namang magpakapera ako, nang mag-artista na ako, saka nabuo ‘yong kaming magkakapatid. But basically, I grew up by myself. Natuto ako dahil sa lahat ng experience ko."

Rufa Mae Quinto talks about all the stages of love in the February 2008 issue of YES! magazine.

Rufa Mae, now 29, had initially planned to get married at the age of 26. But the constant quest in finding Mr. Right and balancing her blossoming career has proven to be a difficult act for the star, who became more popular with the comedy film Booba.

In the 18-page feature, the sexy comedienne recounts to YES! magazine Editor in Chief Jo-Ann Maglipon and Associate Editor Anna Pingol the ten popular men who became part of her life. From her first showbiz boyfriend Jay Manalo to in-betweeners like Dennis Trillo, Rufa Mae talks about the lessons she learned from each man with whom she had a relationship.

"Hindi lang nila alam kung gaano ako ka-serious when it comes to relationships. Oo, ganito akong manamit, pa-portray-portray ng sexy roles, tawa lang nang tawa pero napakalalim kong tao. May something sa akin kaya sila lahat, na-in-love," says the sexy comedienne.

Readers will also have a sneak peak at the much-awaited TV show and movie of 2008. GMA Films and Regal Entertainment join forces for their Valentine movie offering My Best Friend's Girlfriend. The movie features Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera, in their first team-up. For the past three Valentine's presentation, Richard had been teamed-up with Angel Locsin, who has since transferred networks and is working on Lobo. YES! also features the behind the scenes page of Lobo with Angel and leading man Piolo Pascual.

And time flies so quickly that we get to see some photos of our formerly young stars getting married. Vandolph, the son of Comedy King Dolphy and actress Alma Moreno, says ‘I do' with his girlfriend, Jenny Salimao, in the Victorian- inspired wedding. We also get to see former Click star Tricia Roman's wedding to her childhood crush, Weston Wade.


Ai-Ai delas Alas gives a walk-through of her beautiful sosyal house. YES! photographer Jervy Santiago even caught the Volta star cleaning one of the doors of her house.

More stories and photos of your favorite celebrities in the February issue of YES! magazine. Get it at you favorite news stands and magazine outlets.





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