Beverly Hills 6750 affirms PEP's investigation on non-existent U.S. affiliate


David Bunevacz, who is still in the United States together with wife Jessica Rodriguez and their kids, has yet to dialogue with his former business partners. "We will survive this crisis," Beverly Hills 6750 Managing Director Ed Santos addressed David. "It's just that we have a very strong disappointment in what you did to us."

Two executives of the beauty clinic Beverly Hills 6750 confirmed that its supposed partner clinic, Beverly Hills Surgical Institute, ceased operation in the United States as early as 2006.

"This arrangement with Beverly Hills Surgical Institute was entered into by David [Bunevacz]," confessed Beverly Hills 6750 Managing Director Ed Santos to The Buzz host, Boy Abunda, in a special taped interview aired yesterday, February 3.

This claim is consistent with the article posted by PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last Friday, February 1, divulging the real status of the aesthetic clinic's tie-up and arrangements with the Institute.

Ed Santos and Medical Director Abe Marinduque added, however, that doubts were already brewing inside the organization for quite some time, prompting initial investigations by some friends.

"But over the past few months, we also tried to send people in the U.S., friends that we know to do the investigation for us; it appears that it's true," Santos revealed.


Addressing David Bunevacz's apparent failure to notify the firm about the partnership that was non-existent, Santos accused the former decathlete- turned-entrepreneur of misleading the public: "It appears that very early on, there was some form of deception."

LEGAL WOES FOR DAVID. Last February 1, two counts of estafa were filed against David by his former business partners led by its Director Tyrone Ong. The group accuses David of siphoning the company's funds to support his extravagant lifestyle.

Once again, Beverly Hills 6750 Medical Director Abe Marinduque categorically explains David's involvement with the business.

"No. Not a single cent," answered Mr. Marinduque when asked if David shelled out investment money in the beginning.

"He was the proponent of this business. Wala siyang inilabas na pera pero because it was his idea, he felt that he was entitled to a certain amount of shares, which the shareholders agreed to," he furthered.

It was said that elevating the entire issue to court took longer owing to Director Tyrone Ong's reported sympathy for David and especially for his children.


As a parting shot, Mr. Santos advised the beleaguered David, "You cannot suppress the truth. You know, the truth will go out."


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