PEP MONTHLY REPORT: Scorchin’ hot showbiz news made March even hotter!


Last March, Lolit Solis and Annabelle Rama were engaged in aheated feud. Sad news were announced involving former president Cory Aquino anddaughter Kris Aquino.

March is said to be the start of the hot, sunny season thatis summer. Indeed, March is scorchin,' what with all the sizzling, burningshowbiz news from the premier entertainment website PEP (PhilippineEntertainment Portal).

Make a run through of this report to know what we're talkingabout. Don't forget your shades and sunblock now...

LOLIT VS. ANNABELLE. Colorful TV host-talent managerLolit Solis and Ruffa Gutierrez's mom, Annabelle Rama, got engaged in a war ofwords that nearly came to a "mano-y-mano" match.

It all started when Ruffa claimed on The Buzz last March 2, that she was snubbed by Lani Mercado in a showbiz party. Lani is oneof Lolit's talents. Although there was no immediate reaction from Lani, Lolit,in her usual garrulous self, talked about the "isnaban issue" in a radio show.Lolit defended Lani's actions and even went through sensitive issues involvingBong.

Annabelle found Lolit's statements in the radio showoffensive and disrespectful to her family. She challenged Lolit to a fistfight.Lolit said she's not afraid of Annabelle but said there is no need for her andAnnabelle to fight.


Lani finally broke her silence and sends her apology toRuffa for what happened in the showbiz party. She explained she has nointention of snubbing Ruffa and said she would even approach Ruffa the nexttime she sees her. Lani also appealed to Annabelle to end her war with Lolit.

Ruffa also expressed her desire to put the whole issue to anend. She also apologized to Lani and appealed to both her mom and Lolit topatch things up.

Lolit and Annabelle's talents were also affected by theirmanagers' feud. Rumors went around that Annabelle have forbidden her artists towork with Lolit's talents. Annabelle later clarified that her ban to work withLolit's talents only apply to her son Richard.

There were also news saying Ruffa will file a suit againstLolit, but Ruffa's brother Raymond clarified no such action will be taken byRuffa.

Until now, Lolit and Annabelle have not seen each otherface-to-face. Although Lolit did not give in to Annabelle's demand for a publicapology, she insisted her radio interview were just taken out of context andthat she did not mean to make it sound like Ruffa was drooling after Bong. Shedid not mention such a thing in her interview and said she loves Ruffa andrespects the Gutierrezes.


CORY'S CANCER, KRIS'S MISCARRIAGE. The later part ofMarch saw one of the saddest announcements in Philippine history. Cory Aquino,former Philippine president, widow of national hero Benigno Aquino, mother ofactress-TV host Kris Aquino, and to a lot of Filipinos, the symbol of therestoration of democracy in the Philippines, was announced to have coloncancer.

Kris and her brother Senator Noynoy Aquino made theannouncement on March 24, Monday. An outpouring of support and prayers for Coryfollowed. Cory is now undergoing treatment.

But a day after the announcement of Cory's condition, anothersad news came to the Aquinos. This time, the family member concerned is Krisherself.

Kris lost her seven-and-a half week pregnancy. It wassupposed to be her and James Yap's second baby and her third after Joshua (fromPhillip Salvador) and Baby James.

Kris's statement about her miscarriage were sent to herfriends afterwards. She explained what happened to her, and said she acceptsher fate as God's will, for her to better take of her ailing mother.


PACQUIAO BEATS MARQUEZ ANEW. Manny Pacquiao settledhis unfinished business with Juan Manuel Marquez with a split decision win overthe Mexican boxer on March 16 in Las Vegas. This was his rematch with Marquezwhom he fought earlier in his career. Although their first fight was ruled adraw, many believed Pacquiao won because of the three knockdowns he imposed onthe Mexican fighter. In their rematch, Manny sealed the deal, finished theirbusiness, and took home Marquez's WBC Super Featherweight belt.

However, Manny was saddened by the news of Filipino boxinganalysts casting doubts on his win. The Doubting Thomases claimed thecounterpunching Marquez landed more punches than the heavy-hitting Pacquiao.Manny said this was just the "crab mentality" of some Filipinos working. Heeven joked about the investigation clamored by the doubters.

Manny's fight with Marquez, as usual, showed strong presencein the ratings. Although Marquez expressed his desire for a rematch, Pacman andhis camp has set their crosshairs for the WBC lightweight champ DavidDiaz.


I AM KC. Since signing up with ABS-CBN last year, KCConcepcion continues to be one of the hottest, if not the hottest property ofthe station.

That's why after her TV special was shown last year, theKapamilya network cooked up I Am KC to exploit further KC's popularity. IAm KC is a month-long anthology that will feature KC acting in fourdifferent episodes with four different directors and casts. The anthology wassupposed to run for the month of April only, but it started with its firstepisode on March 29 with "Binibining Palengke" a comedy starring KC with Ai-Aidelas Alas and Jake Cuenca.

KC was picked by YES! Magazine readers this year as the MostBeautiful Female Celebrity along with rumored suitor Richard Gutierrez who waschosen as the Most Handsome and Most Fashionable Young Male Celebrity. KC isalso featured in a 24-page interview and pictorial in YES! Magazine's 8thAnniversary issue. In this 10-hour interview by the YES! team, KC names her twoserious romances, shares the memories of her growing up years, her studiesabroad, and shows the photos of her trips and more.


KC also hinted of his dad Gabby Concepcion's return to thePhilippines. She did not say what the exact date is, but she assured the presswho interviewed her that Gabby is definitely coming home.

GABO IS BACK! Just before the month ended, localshowbiz got a big surprise in Gabby Concepcion's sudden arrival. PEP(Philippine Entertainment Portal) got the scoop and Gabo's return was firstread on PEP.

Earlier in March, GMA Films have announced that Gabby willdo a movie with them initially titled Love Cruise. Gabby was to starwith Jolina Magdangal and Rufa Mae Quinto. It was supposed to be shot in Italybecause Gabby cannot set foot on Philippine soil. He has live criminal casesfiled against him and he can be arrested if comes home. But on March 14, PEPreported Gabby was out of the Love Cruise project.

Jolina said Gabby was not happy with the script. She askedthe actor, what if they change the script to suit his demands. Jolina saidGabby did not answer back.


GMA Films brushed off rumors saying Gabby will not do amovie with them. They said they are confident Gabby is an honorable man andwould fulfill the contract he signed with GMA Films.

But upon Gabby's suprise return to the Philippines on March30, he surprised everyone again when he announced he is an exclusive Kapamilyastar and will do his comeback movie with Star Cinema. His new agent andmanager, FLT Films producer Rose Flaminiano confirmed Gabby have signedcontracts with ABS-CBN and Star Cinema for co-management and movies.

PEP reported however, that GMA Films maintains Gabby cannotwork with any other film outfit until he finishes his project with them. Itsays so in the contract he signed with GMA Films.

Rose Flaminiano, on the other hand, said the contract Gabbysigned with GMA Films is for a movie to be shot abroad. She said Gabby willfulfill his contract with GMA, but the movie with Star Cinema comes first.


In his interview with The Buzz, Gabby said he's backto start a new life. He said he will still do a movie with GMA Films providedthey change the script in his favor. He also asked for forgiveness to thepeople he did wrong in the past, especially, his ex-wife Sharon Cuneta. Heexpressed his desire to do a movie with Sharon and KC.

BB. PILIPINAS BLOOPERS. Janina San Miguel suddenlybecame the toast of Pinoy youtube viewers around the world last month after herdisastrous Q&A performance in the coronation night of the Bb. Pilipinas2008 Beauty Pageant.

PEP reported on March 10, what beauty pageant experts viewas a suprising result of the yearly prestigious beauty pageant. Critics andobservers of the pageant said there were other candidates that were moredeserving of the titles. But people who support Bb. Pilipinas defended that thecriterias for each crown differ from each other and the winners were reallydeserving.


Janina's Q&A moment became an instant hit in thevideo-sharing website and was the butt of jokes of those who claimbeauty pageant contestants should not only have beauty but also brains.

CASES AND CELEBS. Joey Marquez's guilty verdict forhis graft charges was affirmed by the Sandiganbayan fourth division court onMarch 12. The case was in relation to the Commission of Audit investigation onthe anomalous "walis ting-ting" transactions the ParaƱaque government wentthrough during Joey's term as mayor.

John Estrada was arrested for illegally carrying handgunammunitions in his backpack on March 20 at the Ninoy Aquino InternationalAirport (NAIA). He was to attend a racing event in Malaysia with friends andcurrent girlfriend Priscilla Meirelles, when the airport X-ray detected thebullets in his bag. He was later released and was allowed to fly to Malaysia.

Claudine Barretto was charged with libel and perjury by herformer personal assistant. PEP reported on March 12, Claudine was the first tofile charges against her ex-P.A. Nancy Jiji Cruz, for stolen items amounting tomore than Php500,00. But Nancy shot back at Claudine and claimed Claudine'saccusations against her all false and physically impossible for her to commit,citing her built and the tight security the place where Claudine lives has.Nancy also filed charges of violation of Social Security Act of 1997 againstClaudine. She claimed the youngest of the Barretto sisters failed to remit hercontributions to the SSS, hence denying her to enjoy the benefits of an SSSmember.


Ai-Ai delas Alas was slapped with a perjury case by the manshe charged for mauling her teenage son in a convenient shop last year. PEPreported on March 19 that Ai-Ai had the chance to meet face-to-face, but thecomedienne chose not to look at the man for fear that she might do somethingviolent to the man. Ai-ai said the perjury case is the counter-charge of hisson's assailant

IN OTHER NEWS. The final episode of Marimarbroke its own record of 49.5 percent in viewership ratings when it generated a52.6 percent rating. GMA-7 reportedly spent millions of pesos for that episodealone for it to be memorable for everyone. The wedding scene which was done atthe beautiful and historic San Agustin Church was almost real, complete with acelebrity sponsors, entourage, and a real wedding reception at GMA-7's Studio3. The cast, crew, and even the guests were emotional during the taping andlive telecast of the show. Marian Rivera who played Marimar and Dingdong Danteswho played Sergio will be seen together again in GMA-7's remake of Dyesebelwhich will begin sometime in the last week of April.


First read on PEP was Rufa Mae Quinto's announcement of thenew man she's going out with, Mattel executive Robert "Bobby" Lopez. Near theend of the month, Rufa Mae engaged once again in a word war with Jessa Zaragozaover her YES! Magazine revelations.

Viva Hot Babe Scarlet Garcia was found brutally murderedwith three others in her apartment in Olongapo. Co-Hot Babes Jaycee Parker andAnna Scott remembered the moments they shared with Scarlet when she was alive.

Purefoods cager Rommel Adducul was diagnosed withnasopharyngeal cancer. His teammates and coach first noticed the changes inRommel's performance and physical appearance. Rommel is now undergoingtreatment for his cancer.

After the dancing inmates of Cebu, the world once again ispicking up on the coolest dance moves from Pinoys with the popularity of EduManzano's "Papaya Dance" steps. The U.S. morning show, Good Morning Americafeatured "Papaya Dance"'s popularity in the video-sharing website youtube.comand even tried the steps themselves.


These are just some of the biggest news stories PEP coveredduring the hot month of March. For more latest showbiz news, bookmark and keepon logging on to





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