Duran Duran invades Manila for “Red Carpet Massacre” world tour


Duran Duran, led by frontman Simon Le Bon (in photo), was one of the most successful bands of the ‘80s, and was credited as one of the instigators of the new wave explosion that preceded the punk movement of the ‘70s.

Legendary ‘80s rock band Duran Duran once again brandished their lasting appeal when they invaded Manila last night, April 10. This MTV Philippines-sponsored event is part of their grueling Red Carpet Massacre World Tour, which will culminate this coming July in Lisbon, Portugal.

The band, which is currently composed of Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor, gained worldwide popularity in the ‘80s and is considered as one of the so-called New Romantic bands. Duran Duran also helped in ushering new wave music—which is characterized by the merging of punk with electronic music—into the mainstream.

To keep everyone excited, local band Sandwich graced the stage and performed two songs from their latest album, S Marks the Spots. The Raimund Marasigan-led unit capped their set by dishing out their most successful commercial hit, "Sugod."

OUT FOR BLOOD. At exactly 8:50 p.m., the main act was ready to rock Manila. Curiously, the audience was composed mostly of mature fans and a couple of young supporters.


Like experienced veterans, the band instinctively knew that unleashing familiar tunes is one sure way to keep the ball rolling. The crowd erupted when Simon led the band to a vicious version of Duran Duran's huge 1982 hit "Hungry Like the Wolf." The said single was lifted from the band's critically and commercially acclaimed second album, Rio.

Aside from rendering the time-tested hits, the English rock band also delivered some of the new songs found in their latest project, particularly the title track "Red Carpet Massacre."

Hinting once more about their dark humor, vocalist Simon revealed that the idea for the said title originated from the band's collective fantasy. The album cover of Red Carpet Massacre shows a gorgeous woman being trampled upon by two high heeled-women. The woman on the album cover is seemingly unconscious as she lies helpless on the red carpet.

The band proudly introduced another new song titled "Falling Down," calling it as a collaboration "with our new friend Justine Timberlake." Justine teamed up with Duran Duran during the early production stages of Red Carpet Massacre.


Simon admitted that "Falling Down" is a cry for help during those trying times, which everyone goes through more than once in their lifetime. The entire coliseum practically became a virtual sing along bar when the band launched into one of their most loved modern hits, "Come Undone." The song is actually conceptualized in a positive light since it was written by Simon as a birthday present for his wife.

Not letting up, Simon and company performed their hits one after the other, most notably "Save A Prayer" and the testosterone charged "Wild Boys."

COMING BACK FOR MORE. Turning political, Simon did not conceal his feeling of distrust of world leaders for allegedly instilling fear in the hearts and minds of the people to further their self-serving agendas. He incorporated his personal viewpoint to the next number, which is about loving, losing, and desperately looking for salvation. As soon as the guitar strains of "Ordinary World" filled the entire venue, the crowd went up on its feet to accompany Simon in singing the poignant lines: "But I won't cry for yesterday / there's an ordinary world / somehow I have to find..."


A couple of songs later, the band left the stage knowing fully well that the crowd would beg for at least one final assault. Coming back for an encore, Duran Duran ended the concert with the popular ‘80s anthem "Rio," once again sending the hardcore fans to a frenzy.

Elated with the reception they received from the Philippines, the band commented, "We should come back here often."

Based on the reaction of the Filipinos, they have every reason in the world to do so.





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