Martin Nievera refuses to talk about alleged new girlfriend


Concert King Martin Nievera still refuses to address the nagging rumor accusing him of having a new girlfriend. "I won't talk about any other girl," said Martin tersely.

Singer Martin Nievera would rather zip his mouth than confirm the rumor linking him to a new non-showbiz girl.

"I won't talk about any other girl," Martin sternly told The Buzz in an interview aired yesterday, April 27. The popular balladeer continued, "No thank you. No, I won't, I won't talk about any other girl. Too many people get involved. Too many people get hurt. People who watch, family members who watch, misinterpret what you say without knowing the full story."

Martin obviously knows how it feels like to be under the gossip radar. Once married to Concert Queen Pops Fernandez, the couple, for years, tried their utmost best to keep their marital problems from the public. All efforts, however, turned out to be in vain as Martin and Pops separated after 13 years. Martin's long rumored affair with Katrina Ojeda was touted as the main reason the marriage crumbled.

ANOTHER AFFAIR? It was February of this year when Martin was once again caught in the rumor mill. According to the reports, Martin allegedly found a new love; prompting live-in partner Katrina to issue a warning that she would go public to attack Martin's character.

The Buzz's Boy Abunda defended Martin from the issue by saying, "Sana'y pabayaan lamang sila ng mga taong nakapaligid sa kanila. Palagay ko'y maaayos pa ito."

Aside from being a good friend, Boy is also Martin's publicist.

Intrigued by Boy's last statement, The Buzz co-host Kris Aquino turned to Boy and quipped, "Pero kasasabi mo lang na maaayos pa nila, so obviously may inaayos."

Talk about reading between the lines.





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