Invading the bathrooms of stars


Talk about style. The bathroom of old used to consist only of a toilet and bath. Now, it's as classy as it gets.Check out this bathroom, for example. Try your best to guess who owns this classy tub! If you can't, check out the gallery for the answer.

Bathrooms at home can be a representation of the owner's taste and sense of style. Aside from the basic function of a toilet and bath, stars have added more to this room by customizing it according to their needs. So now, they can relax, have a spa, do their manicure and pedicure, and even work there. And they can be kikay with the paint of their walls, artsy with the decor, and stylish with odd sizes and shapes of their bowls.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) now brings you a collection of some bathrooms owned by the stars.


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