Isabelle Diaz Daza undecided about joining Bb. Pilipinas but prefers to pursue studies


"I guess, for now, I don't really know how to answerthe question, whether I am really joining the Binibining Pilipinas or not. Iguess I have to expose myself into modelling, and being an endorser of BeverlyHills 6750 might help," says Isabelle Diaz Daza, daughter of former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz.

Stunning and statuesque at 5'7", Isabelle Diaz Daza isindeed a beauty-queen material just like her mom—the country's first-ever MissUniverse, Gloria Diaz.

May nagsabi ngang entertainment columnist, sa matagal natagtuyot na dinaranas ng bansa sa annual Miss Universe competition, dapattalagang kalampagin si Stella Araneta, ang namumuno sa Binibining Pilipinas, nahayan si Isabelle na puwedeng-puwedeng panlaban ng Pilipinas. Hindi rinmaintindihan ng marami kung bakit pinapalampas ni Isabelle ang pagkakataon namakipag-compete as the Philippine's representative to the Miss Universecontest.

"I don't have enough guts to parade in my bikini,"says the 22 year-old endorser, together with her celebrity mom, of BeverlyHills 6750, a beauty and surgical center. "I admire women who have thecourage to do that, and after exposing their bodies, still have the guts toanswer the most thought-provoking questions.

"I guess, for now, I don't really know how to answerthe question, whether I am really joining the Binibining Pilipinas or not. Iguess I have to expose myself into modelling, and being an endorser of BeverlyHills 6750 might help.

"But still, I'd rather stick to my studies. I am infourth-year college already taking up Early Education at the De La SalleUniversity. This is the only thing I have to focus on at this time,"enthuses the lovely Isabelle.

LIFE IN SHOWBIZ. She has some friends in the business. Actually, naikukuwentonina Anne Curtis at Raymond Gutierrez kay Isabelle kung gaano ka-exciting angmga nagagawa nila habang sila'y nasa showbiz.

"Hindi naman sa naiinggit ako sa kanila," pahayagni Isabelle. "It's really my choice to concentrate on my studies. Besides,I have already this modelling stuff to attend to. It's not that easy, you know.

"It's not that I'm complaining, but sometimes youhave to do pictorials for long hours. You have commitments and shoots that takeovernight, and it's really tiring. And my mom will tell me, 'You see, that'swhat you'll get if you're going to enter show business. Those are just photo shoots.How about shooting movies or TV tapings?' And my mom will always remind meabout the hardships which she has been going through up to now for being acelebrity.


"It's very interesting though how my friends do it.Like I see them on TV, they're acting, hosting, singing, and dancing. Oh, mygosh, they're so talented! You really have to do a lot and work so hard to bean artista, and I just think about it. What if I get into that? Kaya kokaya?" natatawang sabi ni Isabelle.

But from the looks of it, parang gustong-gusto na rin talagani Isabelle ang pag-aartista. In fact, naramdaman naming tuwang-tuwa siyahabang ini-interview ng mga reporter that afternoon.

"But it's not true that my mom is stopping me fromentering showbiz," paglilinaw ng dalaga. "She just tells me about herexperiences and that's all. Anyway, it will all up to me to decide. What my mominsists is for me to finish my studies, and I can decide on my own.

"I don't know, but she tells me, she did her firstmovie [Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa] when she's already 25. Well, Idon't know if it's gonna be kind of old for me to start by then!" tawa niIsabelle.

IT RUNS IN THE BLOOD. Ang mga pinsan ni Isabelle ay gumagawa na rin ng ingay. Sageneration ng mga Diaz na kinabibilangan ni Isabelle, ang pinsan niyang si Ali(anak nina Hajji Alejandro at ang yumaong Rio Diaz) ay nalilinya sa musika,samantalang ang pinsan din niyang si Georgina Wilson ay naging kontrobersiyaldahil naging girlfriend ng matinee idol na si Richard Gutierrez noon.

"Ali is a good songwriter. He has that inclinationtoward music, and he's a part of a band. Georgina is the nerdy type. Gusto nanga yata niyang mag-stay na lang sa London, to finish her studies there. Sheknows a lot, like when she talks about economics and politics, ang dami niyangnaise-share," kuwento ni Isabelle.


Nabanggit ang pangalan ni Isabelle noon nang maghiwalayfinally sina Richard at Georgina. It was a brawl with another guy, nanapagkamalan daw ni Richard na kung sino lang, samantalang pinsan daw ito niGeorgina na taga-ibang bansa pa. Nangyari ito many months ago sa Embassy, saThe Fort, Taguig.

"Hay, naku, hayan... intriga na 'yan!" tili niIsabelle na hindi nawawala ang poise. "I should say na naging maayos namanang paghihiwalay nila, and they're talking. Hindi totoong hindi na silanag-uusap. I think both of them have already moved on, and that's the mostimportant thing.

"But, if you're going to ask me about thattsismis with Richard and KC [Concepcion], gosh, I don't know! I don't haveanything to say. It's their life anyway. Ang alam ko lang, yung sa pinsan ko[Georgina], and I just told you, okey naman sila ni Richard," pagtatapos niIsabelle.





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