Gab Valenciano wants to make his own name as executive producer


"Gary V., nobody else can compare with him. But if you reallythink about it, we are into different things. Dad is a singer, dancer. Ako Iwant to be a director, music producer," says Gab Valenciano on his desire tomake his own name in show business.

Sa huling interview ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)last year kay Gab Valenciano, inamin niya sa amin ang balak niyang pagpunta inStates to study and make his own niche in music industry.

A few days ago, PEP met up again with Gab at sinabi niyangsa December this year na ang alis niya ng bansa to pursue his studies abroad.

"States is in the process already, papers are beingprocessed, most likely December ako aalis. Nakakalungkot, because I'menjoying what I'm doing right now, I enjoy the company of people I work with,but I have to leave for something that I really want to be—to be an executiveproducer. I also want to work on a Christian film, I wanna emphasize yungmga Christian films, not yung mga cheesy na pag nakita mo, sasabihin mong baduy‘yan. I wanted something different, that's what I wanna do."

MAKING HIS OWN NAME. Advantage ba for him angpagkakaroon ng amang katulad ni Gary Valenciano, as far as making a name inshow business is concerned?

"It's both a yes and no. Yes, because he's Gary V., nobodyelse can compare with him. But if you really think about it, we are intodifferent things. Dad is a singer, dancer. Ako I want to be a director, musicproducer.

"I wanna make my own name, but not to take away the essenceand meaning of being a Valenciano. My dad paved the way na for the nameValenciano. People gave so much respect to us because of that. I don't wanna takeaway that, but I also want to make my own niche and name in the business."

Gab has only good words for his dad. Gary V is Gab'sinspiration and model ‘pag pumasok na rin daw si Gab sa pagpapamilya.


"As always, he exceeded my expectations and other people'sexpectations. He's a superstar, but at home, he's just a normal person.Yung tipong he will cancel certain events just to be with us. We grew up thatway and I'm very thankful to my dad. He separated his being a superstar frombeing a being a father and that's my biggest appreciation. I wanna be likemy father when I have my own family someday."

NO RELATIONSHIP FOR NOW. Sa past interviews noon kay Nikki Gil ay naging open ang singer na nasaktan talagasiya sa kinauwian ng relasyon nila ni Gab. Gab assured PEP na okey naman silangayon ng ex and both of them have already moved on after their breakup.

"We're okay now. The other day, magka-text kami. Weboth moved on. I'm very happy where we are right now. I'm happy with hercareer."

Although hindi naman nagsasara ng pinto si Gab as far aspakikipagbalikan kay Nikki is concerned, mukhang malabo na rin daw itongmangyari dahil na rin sa desisyon niyang mag-aral sa States. Kahit nga kaninopa ay mukhang malabong pumasok sa pakikipagrelasyon uli si Gab.

"I'm not allowed to work outside school. I can't adjust myown sked, so, I will not really have that time for anybody. The idea ofhaving a girlfriend is not advisable right now."





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