Carmen Soo admits she and Jericho Rosales are closer now


Carmen Soo and Jericho Rosales seem tohave taken their chemistry to the next level by admitting that they're bothcloser than before.

Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo appeared in The Buzz once again, and this time, the two stars of Kahit Isang Saglit looked closer and sweeter with one another than before. As host Ruffa Gutierrez remarked,"Parang yung guesting nila dito sa TheBuzz, parang na feel ko na parang may nagbago. Parang mayroon silangkindatan at may lengguwahe din sila."

"So," co-host Cristy Fermin asked Carmen, "areyou guys closer now?"

"Definitely closer than last week," Carmenrevealed, much to the delight of the studio audience.

"Carmen, ang bilis noon, ha, isang linggo palang," quipped Echo.

Not minding Jericho since she can'tunderstand Filipino, Carmen continued, "We've been close all this time."

Cristy, who said that the Kahit Isang Saglit trailer got her hooked, informed Jericho thatpeople say their lives will change with the primetime drama'sepisode launch tomorrow. How does Echo take this?

"Hindi ko maintindihan ang nararamdaman ko kasimatagal na akong nawala o nabakante, so hindi ko alam ang magiging reaksyon ngtao, pero nararamdaman ko ang excitement. Nararamdaman ko din ang galak at angtuwa nila na may mapapanood ulit sila."

Carmen, who looked clueless about what Echo wastalking about and how the studio audience positively reacted to his words, onlysmiled. The receptive Echo offered, "Don't worry Carmen, I'll explain thislater."

FEELINGTHE PRESSURE? Ruffa asked how Echo feels now that the showwill finally air (tonight). Does Echo feel any pressure since this ishis comeback TV drama? Will Jericho's fans see the same acting prowess during his heyday?

"Bukas kasi wala na ako magagawa, e," Jericho replied. "Pinakawalan ko na ‘yan. Nandiyan na, e. Pero naramdaman ko angpressure noong ginagawa namin yung show as in. Pero ayoko magpaapekto kasimahirap na madiskaril ako dahil iniisip ko ‘dapat magaling ako, dapat maganda...'Nagkaroon ako ng ganoong ugali dati na lahat gustong nasa kamay ko, e. This time,in my life, gusto ko, I wanna let go."


Pressure on his comeback show is one thing, butanother kind of pressure—possibly romantic—seems to bug Echo. Cristy revealed that Cristine Reyes has a crush on him. Is he aware of this revelation?

"Nakakadyahe kasi," Echo admitted. At a loss forwords, he was finally able to blurt out, "E, sabi ko nga na...maraming salamat."

Carmen, who looked kind of glad when Ruffaaddressed her, might've thought that she was about to join the discussion. Butfirst she invited everyone to watch the show.

And then Ruffa surprisedher with a quick question. "Carmen, do you feel safe in Echo's arms? Does hetake care of you in the set?"

"Oh, yes, definitely," Carmen answered. "He'sgreat and takes care of me and make sure that I'm okay..."

Cristy interjected and askedCarmen to sing, "Hindi Ko Kayang Tanggapin" by April Boy Regino. Carmen obliged by singing a whole stanza of the song.

The audience cheered.





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