Kris Aquino returns to "The Buzz", leaving issues with former co-hosts behind


"My mom anddad said, ‘Nobody should ever lose a job because of you.' Ganun ang pagpapalaki sa akin," says Kris Aquino to explain why she agreed to return to The Buzz, even if this means working again with Jobert Sucaldito, who used to write negatively about her.

More than a year after she left The Buzz, Queen ofTalk Kris Aquino returned to the ABS-CBN Sunday showbiz talk show, on the birthday celebration of her co-host and goodfriend Boy Abunda.

Kris, who was wearing a Snow White costume, entered the setof The Buzz yesterday, October 26, with her sons Josh and Baby James,who were wearing Barney and BJ costumes, respectively.

The other hosts—Ruffa Gutierrez, Phoemela Barranda, andeven Jobert Sucaldito—welcomed them.

It will be remembered that Kris had a rift with Jobert Sucaldito and Cristy Fermin in relationto the controversy that linked Kris's husband James Yap to an employee of a cosmetic surgical center. On several occasions since then, Jobert and Cristy—who both have several tabloid columns and, until recently, a Monday to Friday radio program—have hit Kris in every way possible, including even her children.

The return of Kris followed just two weeks after Cristy wassuspended from The Buzz and the radio program called Showbiz Mismo byABS-CBN. The TV host-actresshas said, however, that her return to the weekend talk show is not permanent.

But does the comeback mean that everything is now fine between her and Cristy and Jobert?

In an interview with entertainment columnist and talent manager Ethel Ramos andother writers, Kris said, "Alam mo, Tita Ethel, sa akin, it's really lumipasna." This was apparently the case, after PEP(Philippine Entertainment Portal) spotted Kris chatting with Jobert duringone of the breaks in The Buzz yesterday.


In the interview, the returning host related theconversations she had with ABS-CBN head for TV production Cory Vidanes, whorequested her to host The Buzz again.

Kris's story went: "Ito, I can say this talaga and hindisa pag-aangat ng bangko ko, pero when Tita Cory came to talk to me, she said, ‘Alam ko, hindi kayo okey [niJobert]. It's your prerogative. Puwede siyang mag-leave for a while whileyou're there'. Kasi, sabi niya, 'Ako anghumihingi ng favor sa iyo. So, you canactually tell me.' Kaya lang, my mom anddad said, ‘Nobody should ever lose a job because of you.' Ganun ang pagpapalaki sa akin.

"Parang, di ba, ang dad ko, favorite niyang sinasabi na,‘Actually, absolute power corrupts absolutely'. Parang ang message no'n, kung binigyan ka ng power, huwag mo i-abuse 'yong power. And, ako naman,parang sabi ko, I said to Tita Cory, ‘May I think about it?' 'Tapos the next day, I texted her and Isaid, ‘I don't want a person losing a job on my account.'

"So, sabi ko, kaya ko naman, e. Sabi ko, wala na sa akin, nakalipas na 'yon. Sabi ko, ‘Ang pakiusap ko na lang sa iyo, canyou tell him that I had the prerogative and yet hindi ko in-exercise 'yon kasibad 'yon."

What was her first interaction with Jobert like?

She described this to the media: "He said ‘hello' to me and Isaid ‘hello.' It's not like automaticmagiging best friends kami, di ba? Kaplastikan 'yon. Pero noongnag-hello siya, I said 'hello.'


"Then, hesaid, ‘Kris, salamat, ha?' Sabi ko,‘Walang problema.'"

Ethel Ramos then asked her if she is now also okay withCristy Fermin. To which she repliedindirectly: "You know, Tita Ethel, tinext ko siya nang mamatay ang dadniya." Kris also related a story where she had to give in to Cristy's request in a transaction with one of Cristy's friends.

She was about to buy something from a friend of Cristy's, and had already given the down payment, when an offer was made to the friend for a much higher payment. Cristy asked the friend to give back to Kris her downpayment in favor of the higher offer. Kris took the money and said, "No problem."

These stories were meant to show Kris's efforts to forgetpast conflicts and move on with her life. She also shared with the media the things that she learned fromthe Christian books that she read.

"Kasi sa lahat ng Christian book na nabasa kotalaga, ang focus mo daw should be on today. Kasi daw, if you keep looking back, parang hindi ka nagmo-moveforward. But yet, dapat daw you haveenough trust in God na hindi mo kailangan malaman what tomorrow holds. Kasi, kailangan talaga magtiwala ka talaga,na if I make today good, si God na ang gagawa ng paraan na gaganda ang bukas."





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