PEP EXCLUSIVE: "Tita C" speaks up to clarify details in Becky Aguila's statements


Last November 9, Becky Aguila, the manager of Jennylyn Mercado, said: "This will be the first and last time thatI will be answering this PEP interview. Just like what I said in all myinterviews, this issue is not for public consumption! A lot of hurting words,fabricated lies,and malicious text messages have been spread out to destroy myreputation and credibility as a manager and as a human being."

The dispute between Becky Aguila and Mel Pulmano over the "forgedchecks and missing money" of Jennylyn Mercado is getting more and more intense.Each one has issued her version of story and her own set of accusations.

And caught in the middle of it all is Tita C, the lady whorediscounted the check, which amounted to approximately 400,000 pesos. (CLICKHERE to read previous story.)

The day she learned that she was holding a "bounced" check, Tita C panicked.

In a phone conversation held yesterday afternoon, November 10, she narrated to PEP (PhilippineEntertainment Portal) how rattled she was last October 9:

"Una ko munang pinuntahan si Mel sa bahay niya, kaya lang,yun nga yung natutulog siya at ang sinasabi lang niya, ‘Becky, Becky...'

"Sumunod kong pinuntahan si Becky. Sabi niya, ‘Anong problema?'Maraming tao sa dining room na iyon, kaya hiniling ko muna kay Becky kung puwedenglumayo muna iyong ibang tao at kami munang dalawa ang mag-usap. Habangpapalabas ang mga tao, tinanong ko iyong sa pagka-casino niya. Parangnag-hysteria ito at bago pa man tuluyang nakaalis ang mga tao, isa-isa silangtinanong ng, ‘Nagka-casino daw ako?'"

Anxiety and confusion made Tita C's blood pressure shoot up. "Nung gabing iyon. Tumaasang BP ko at itinakbo ako sa St. Luke's [Hospital]."

WHO IS TITA C? TitaC is a 58-year-old businesswoman, who was described by tabloid columnist Nene Riego as, "Kilala at respetado ng mga taga-showbiz na nagpapalit ng tseke sa mababangporsiyento."

The lady has been a "rediscounter" for 31 years now,but she made it clear: "Hindi ko pera. May financier lang ako."

Prior to that, she used to be a secretary in Magnatech, afilm laboratory.

Tita C deals with a lot of clients in showbiz, but she states that she is not a "showbiz" person.


The first time PEP attempted to get her side of the storywas last November 4. Her reply to our message was: "Kausapinko muna lawyer ko bago ko sagutin lahat ng tanong ninyo...."

The next day, she picked up our call but expressed hesitation in answering our queries. She didn't want to be dragged into thelimelight by the issue.

But two things made her change her mind. "Maykaklaruhin lang ako sa mga kuwentong lumabas," Tita C said.

TWO DETAILS. Thefirstpointis about her supposed meeting with Jen last October 9.

In an article posted by Roldan Castro, a PEP contributor, lastNovember 4, Becky's camp said: "Nagharap na rin daw sina Jen at Tita C. Harapandaw sinabi ni Jennylyn kay Tita C na, 'Hindi ko po text 'yan at hindi ko pokayo kilala. Pasensiya na po.'"

In Tita C's text message to PEP, she stressed: "Walang ganoon."

Tita C added: "Nakita ko [si] Jen noong nagpuntaako sa house ni Becky, [pero] di ko siya nakausap. Kahit si Jen mismo tanungin nila, nawala nga siya bigla."

The second detail was about the transactions done via text.The messages reportedly came from "Jennylyn."

Last November 9, in the "first and last" interview of Beckyregarding the issue, the talent manager said: "Sina Bianca [Aguila, daughter ofBecky], Bing [Casar] at Dyan [Yongco] ang nakasaksi sa naging usapan. Dun nganamin na-discover kay Ms. C ang mga text messages raw na galing kay Jen nagaling sa Smart line na 09209705025. Pinabasa ni Ms. C ang mga ‘text messagesdaw' kay Jen at pati sa akin..." (CLICK HERE to read the entire article.)

Tita C sent a text message to PEP that same day: "Nabasa ko ang pahayag ni Becky, i-correct ko lang na hindi ko pinabasa sa kanya at kay Jenang mga text [messages]. Kahit kay Tita Nene, forward ko lang sa kanya mga text [messages] kasi baka ma-erasenila. Dahil ito lang ang evidence ko na nakatanggap ako ng mga text."


Becky's response on the first detail was sent to Roldan yesterday (November 10) afternoon: "Witness na nagkita sila Jen and Ms. C are Ms. C's husband, Cathy and Leon Tan, Bing, Lheng [Lindo], Bianca [Aguila], Babeth, and Dyan."

Regarding the second detail, Becky had already stated the names of her witnesses—her daughter "Bianca, Bing, and Dyan"—in the article dated November 9.

WHERE IS THE MONEY? This is the biggest question of the lady who issued the big amount to Mel, who was "fetched" by Becky that fateful day.

In all our phone conversations, Tita C clearly did not wantto be part of the entire hubbub. Initially, she just wanted to ask payment forthe "bounced" check, but now, she wants to know the real perpetrator.

And to the two ladies who got her entangled into the mess,she has a message.

To Becky: "Ayokong lumaki ang gulong ito kaya gusto ko langitama ang mga bagay-bagay. Dapat lahat naka-akma, naka-sync, at consistent."

To Mel: "Magsabi ka ng totoo. Malalaman din kung sino angmay kasalanan."

She ended, "Sanamag-usap sina Mel at Becky."





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