Dennis Trillo's first U.S. trip!


Seeing the Statue of Liberty in New York, up close was, for Dennis Trillo, a "napaka-surreal na experience." (YES! September 2007 issue)

Dennis Trillo, who had finished taping Super Twins only days earlier, joined actress-singers Gladys Guevarra and Ara Mina in Edison, New Jersey, to perform at the Third Phil-U.S. Expo '07 at the Raritan Center, May 27-28. It was Dennis's first time ever in the U.S., and he described the trip as a dream come true.

Dennis, Gladys, and Ara extended their stay and spent all of 10 days sightseeing and shopping in New York City. But even those 10 days weren't enough, Dennis says: "Ang dami mong puwedeng puntahan. Sa Central Park pa lang, ubos na 'yong oras mo."


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