Richard Gutierrez concentrates on environmental advocacy while on break from teleserye


"Makikita n'yo po ang kabilang side ko naman,'yong real side ni Richard sa Full Force Nature. At ang kagandahan po dito, hindi lang po entertaining 'yongshow, hindi lang po makakakita ng kakaibang pangyayari sa kalikasan, but it'salso informative," says Richard Gutierrez about his newest show on GMA-7.

After Codename: Asero, Richard Gutierrez is taking avery short break from making television series. While on vacation from acting, however, the young actor will bebusy hosting GMA-7's newest program on "Bilib Ka Ba Nights" block, FullForce Nature, which will premiere on December 2 after GMA Telebabad.

The program immediately appealed to the young actor when thenetwork presented to him the idea of the show. Although its original version in the United States shows original videoclips of unbelievable weather moments, the Philippine version changes it a bitby choosing Richard, an advocate of environment, as the host.

As a Greenpeace celebrity spokeperson, the 24-year-oldactor will now have a wider venue to fulfill his role of spreading awarenessabout problems and issues concerning the environment. In between the video clips that will be shown, Richard will givesimple but very helpful tips to save mother earth.


The young actor said that Full Force Nature willdefinitely show the other side of Richard Gutierrez.

"I'm an active environmentalist and I wanna help alsothe group of Greenpeace and the other environmental groups. I think this is my calling, to createawareness for the people regarding global warming and other environmentalproblems," said Richard during the presscon of Full Force Nature last night, November 25.

He added, "Full Force Nature, ang kaibahan nitois you really feel the wrath of nature and mga hindi natin nae-experience dito,mga puwede ring mangyari sa atin dito, makikita mo sa TV kung ano talaga angnararamdaman ng mga taong nakaka-experience no'n. So, 'yon pa lang, entertaining and exciting na for the audience. At the same time, it cuts to me giving ideas and pointers on how we canavoid these matters."

GREENPEACE ADVOCATE. The young Gutierrez said that it was really his idea to helpgroups that support environmental causes, such as Green Peace.


"'Yon ang naging calling ko, e," he said. "I mean, for me, maraming different problemsna nangyayari sa mundo—number one is hunger, number two is overpopulation,number three is global warming. For me,global warming ang napili ko dahil talagang ever since I was a kid I lovenature. Siguro, I just had a calling forit. Siguro kanya-kanya tayong purposedito sa mundo and siguro 'yon ang purpose ko."

As a celebrity spokesperson, Richard said that he helps thegroup with its non-violent moves in saving the environment. One example of this is creating informativevideos that will reach a lot of people around the country, like his pastdocumentary Signos.

Within the next few weeks, Richard will go to Boracay toshoot a video for the tourists who visit the place. Then, by next year, GMA-7 will be doing another documentarysimilar to Signos.

He reiterated, "Ang goal ko talaga is to create awareness sayouth, sa kabataan. So we're gonna goto different schools, that's one of my projects next year. Signos was somethinginformative. Signos, by the way,is now out on DVD. Hopefully, schoolscan watch that."


ON HIS LOVELIFE. During the interview, the media diverted the topic from Greenpeace tohis lovelife. However, Richard told the media, "Ngayon talagang focus ako sawork, talagang focus on my family, 'yon muna ang focus ko ngayon."

This could be the reason why he gave a very short answer to questions about KC Concepcion.

"Siyempre, KC will remain special to me," Richard said. "We're gonna do another movie, so it's gonnabe an exciting journey for us. So, I'mlooking forward to that."

When asked about the current rumor linking the daughter ofMegastar Sharon Cuneta to Sam Milby, Richard simply replied, "No comment."

UPDATE ON HIS MOM AND DAD. Reporters also asked Richard aboutthe current condition of his parents, who both had medical problems recently.

His dad, veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez, underwent angioplasty earlier this month because of the blockage in his coronaryarteries. (Click here to read relatedarticle.) His mom, talent manager Annabelle Rama, had surgery to remove her uterus. (Click here to read related article.)


"My mom is doing okay now, she's still recovering," related Richard. "Masasabi ko na very successful 'yong operation niya that's whytuwang-tuwa kaming buong pamilya. Atwe're very happy and thankful sa lahat ng taong nagbigay ng prayers and supportsa mommy ko. But now, she's happy andshe's trying to live healthier."

With regards to his father, Richard said, "Sabi nga ng dad kongayon, he's very proud and very happy. Ang sabi niya sa akin, he feels 20 years younger daw after ng operationniya."

After what happened to his parents, Richard said thatthey're beginning to live a healthy lifestyle.

"Lahat kami talaga tuwang-tuwa kasi ngayontalagang masipag silang mag-workout, 'tapos lahat ng pagkain sa bahay healthyna. So, nakakatuwa kasi before, talaganghindi sila nakikinig sa amin, e. Lahat ng pagkain sa bahay, hindi healthy,e. Pero ngayon healthy living na kaminglahat. So, we're all very happy andnagtutulungan kaming buong pamilya."


Richard got teary-eyed when asked about theday his mom had an operation.

He said, "Nandoon ako the whole time, since nung papasokpa lang siya ng operating room hanggang sa nakalabas siya. 'Yong pagkatapos na pagkatapos ng operation... Iisa lang kasi ang puwedeng pumasok sa recovery room, so isa-isa kaming pumasokna magkakapatid, at nakita namin ang mommy namin and nakita namin na successfulnaman ang operation, pero very weak siya.Pero okay naman kasi we're still very thankful na naagapan siya, 'taposnaagapan din si Daddy. So, hindimangyayari ito kundi dahil kay Lord, so we're all very thankful."

When asked about shouldering most of the expenses of hisparents' operations, Richard repeated what he initially told in his previousinterview on television.

"Wala 'yon! Kaya nga ako nagtratrabaho para tumulong sapamilya sa mga ganitong klaseng sitwasyon. I'm very happy and proud na nakatulong ako sa kanila in any waypossible."


Despite these unfortunate events, Richard remains positiveabout spending cheerful time with his family this coming Christmas.

"As usual, we're gonna spend Christmas with the wholefamily. Kami naman, kapag nag-spendkami ng Christmas, simple lang naman, e. Basta ang importante sa amin, magkakasama kaming magkakapamilya, 'taposmagkakaroon ng party para sa mga helpers namin.

"We always try to give back. Sa amin, sa pamilya namin, lagi naman kaming nagbibigayan. Sotuwing Pasko, we try to give back to our helpers and we have a party for them."

Richard said that he will be very busy at the start of2009. Aside from his movie with KC for GMA Films, heis also slated to do the Pinoy adaptation of the Spanish masked swashbuckler Zorro.


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