PEP EXCLUSIVE: Janina San Miguel breaks her silence about resigning as Bb. Pilipinas-World


Former Bb. Pilipinas-World2008 Janina San Miguel candidly confesses that she's not prepared to representthe country. That's why she gave up the opportunity to compete in the Miss World2008 beauty pageant on December 14 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Janina majors in Broadcast Communication at the University of the East.

Former Bb.Pilipinas-World 2008 Janina San Miguel admits that several factors led her to pass up the honor of representing the Philippines in the upcoming Miss World 2008 beautypageant in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 14.

In an article here in PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last September 30, theBinibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI) cited the death of her grandfatheras the reason behind the decision. (CLICK here to read related story.)

"The untimely demise ofher grandfather, among other personal reasons, has caused her undue stress,thus hindering her from fulfilling her duties to the said title... BPCI wishes toexpress its gratitude to Ms. San Miguel for this act of graciousness andconcern for the country. They also wish her well in her future endeavors,"read the statement furnished by the Araneta-led organization to the media.

First runner-up DanielleCastano automatically assumed the vacated position following theannouncement.

UNPROFESSIONAL?Inan exclusive interview with PEP last November 21, Janina did mention thepassing of her grandfather as a big blow, saying, "Hindi po kasi nila alam kunggaano ako ka-close sa lolo ko. Ako po, sa lahat ng mga apo, sa akin talaga siyanaging close kaya talagang masakit sa ‘kin nung namatay siya."


When the news came outthat Janina would no longer compete internationally, rumors started circulatingthat she was just forced by the BPCI to relinquish the crown due to her "lackof professionalism" during training sessions.

Janina confessedthat she threw a fit while in the middle of a rehearsal when she learned that her grandfather was dying.

"Nung mga time nga pona 'yon, nakakulong ako sa Araneta. So, ayaw talaga nila kong palabasin kasikahit naghihingalo na yung grandfather ko, kasi nga daw po inaalalanila yung training. Pero gustung-gusto ko nang lumabas kaya ang ginawa ko,talagang umiyak ako nang umiyak sa gitna ng maraming tao para pauwiin ako."

Janina emphasized that that was the only time she made a scene, contrary to the rumor thatshe was constantly testing the patience of her mentors and superiors.

She explained, "Alam n'yo po bana kaming mga beauty queen, e, nagta-taxi lang, nag-e-MRT, sumasakay ng jeep,sumasakay sa tricycle? Lahat ng commute ginagawa namin para um-attend lang kaming bawat training namin. So, paano nila sasabihin na hindi ako uma-attend ngtraining?"


PEP inquired if she wasable to attend all the trainings set by the BPCI. "Hindi po," replied Janina, whofrankly admitted that she was not able to complete the sessions for languagetraining. Janina reasoned out that a conflict in schedules was the main reason shefailed to report consistently. The BPCI people were fully aware of this sincethey were the ones making her itinerary.

FEELINGTHE PRESSURE. Janina gained public attention after shefumbled and stammered during the question-and-answer segment of the Bb. Pilipinascompetition earlier this year. The incident made the 5'11" beauty queen aninstant subject of ridicule. Critics accused her of "murdering the Englishlanguage" and questioned the judges for letting her win in spite her glaring blunder.

Hergrandfather's death turned out to be the determining factor in her decision to relinquish the crown. But public derision took itstoll on her.

"Prepared ako perohindi pa sapat yung loob ko kasi nga masakit pa. Pagkatapos ang dami pangissue. Parang ganun, so okay na rin po. At saka hindi naman po ako after dun sacrown," she stated.


Janina said she has noregrets in giving up her crown, arguing that she's happy with her achievementshere and doesn't see the need to compete internationally.

"Ayoko na, e, kasi pobakit kailangan pa, e, ngayon po sa YouTube. i-type ko lang yung Miss World2008, e, ako na 'yong lalabas dahil nga po sa mga issue-issue ng Q and A. Angdami...sobra! Kaya hindi ko na kailangang mag-compete-compete pa," said Janina.


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